You Can't Fight Fate 1/?

This story was co-written by Amanda ( & Faye ( It is a sequel to Spring Showers, Early on a Saturday, Grave Adversity, and Expect the Unxepected.

Rating : PG Disclaimer: We don't own the characters. Spoilers: A look into the personal lives of the characters.

A baby's cry pierced the air. A very groggy Sam Seaborne rolled over to look at the clock sitting on the bedside table, only 4:59. Who needed an alarm clock when they had Carrie? Next to him, Maddi groaned. "We could set our clocks by her," she sighed, pulling herself out of bed in time to preempt the alarm that was set for five am. She stretched, then looked at Sam who was staring up at the ceiling.

"Sam?" she asked, worried by the vacant expression on his face. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said quietly. Maddi was unconvinced, but went to the nursery and returned a moment later with a now smiling Carrie. "Let's go see Daddy." Maddi cooed. When she noticed Sam hadn't moved, she sat down on the edge of the bed. "Does this have to do with what happened a year ago?"

Sam sighed heavily and sat up. "I just can't get it out of my head. When I close my eyes, I just get taken back. Like it's happening all over again."

"Sam, I know it's hard but it's over. Things are different now. You've got me, and you've got Carrie. We can do this," she told him, and then kissed him.

He smiled weakly and kissed her back gratefully. "I know. I love you."

"Now, get going before we're both late."


CJ walked into her office and sat down on the sofa. It had been a year since she had almost died, She was unconscious for three days and only remembered a few things from that day but when she closed her eyes she could see it. ~Flashback~ Someone yelled GUN and an instant later bullets flew threw the air, she turned her head in time to see Charlie gunned down, then - ~End~ She didn't remember anything that had happened after that. Someone knocked on her door. "Go away" she moaned she needed some time to herself, just to think. "CJ it's me." Her boyfriend Alex McCann called. "Oh," she sighed "come in." He came into her office and noticed the fear in her eyes. He was tall, taller than CJ and had blonde hair, he was 39 years old. "CJ what's wrong?" "Nothing." "Claudia Jean something is bugging you and I'm not going away until you tell me what it is." "It was a year ago today." "What was?" "The shooting." Alex ran his hands through his short blonde hair and then sat down beside her. "I wish I could tell you that I understand how you feel, that I know what you're going through, but I don't because I wasn't there. So the only thing I can tell you is that if you want someone to talk to, or even just someone to hold you when you're upset, I'll do that for you, you only have to ask." CJ sighed and then rested her head on his shoulder.


White House Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman sat at his desk, intently focused on his work, when the was a loud and sudden bang. He jumped, gasping. He exhaled in relief when he saw it was Donna. "Donnatella Moss, you shouldn't do that!" he admonished her.

"What? Close doors?"

"You scared me…," Josh said distantly. In his head he recalled that fateful bang that had changed his life.


It had been a regular day. It had been a regular meeting. There was no reason to think this would be the day. That this would be the time someone went too far. Someone, out of nowhere, yelled "GUN!" and then the next thing he knew, bullets were raining down. He had no doubt who the targets were. He'd forgotten something and gone back inside to get it. He'd left the group. Something which probably save his life, but did nothing for his conscience. When he heard the shoots, he felt so helpless. His friends and Donna - they were out there. Desperate to go to them, he raced to the gate. They were all going down so fast-the agents were shoving them down. Josh couldn't tell who was falling and who was ducking. They were all out there, so exposed. He dropped to his knees, gripping the fence. He should've been there with them. He should've…. ~END~ "Josh?" Donna was asking. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said quickly. "I'm just a little tired.


"So you're clear on what to say at the briefing?" Toby confirmed for the fifth time. "Yes, so stop worrying," CJ said, a hint of annoyance coloring her voice.

"Toby leave her alone." Ellen said jokingly as she came into the room, "CJ Leo wants to see you."

"Worrying is a part of our job CJ " Sam said softly. CJ smiled and gathered her papers then left for Leo's office with Ellen, leaving Sam and Toby alone.

Sam had worried a lot about CJ the past year. He couldn't help it. He kept seeing it again and again in his mind.


The shots seemed to last forever. They were shockingly loud. And it seemed to him, that standing in the open when people were shooting guns at you is not exactly a good thing. He saw CJ, standing there, somewhat confused. And he didn't even think. He just tackled her. He was trying to save her life. But when the noise ended and he found the courage to move, he soon realized he'd done quite the opposite.

CJ lay still on the ground. But there was no blood-he couldn't see any blood. He called her name, begging her to talk to him - then he saw the blood trickling about her hairline. And it wasn't a bullet wound.


"Sam? Toby asked, eyeing his deputy suspiciously. "You okay?" "Yeah," Sam said. "Why is everyone saying that today?"

"I don't know." Toby sighed

"Are *you* okay?"

Toby closed his eyes a moment, remembering.


He'd hit the pavement while the secret service was getting the President into the limo. Dazed, he didn't move until he was sure it was over. But when he stood up and saw Charlie lying on the street, Zoey was lying unconscious on the ground he heard Sam yell CJ's name, the paramedics had just begun to arrive and he realized it was far from over.

~END~ Opening his eyes again, Toby said, "Yeah."

~~~That evening~~~ Sam and Toby were in his office working on a speech for the president to give at the state dinner tomorrow night. Maddi came in. "Hi guys."

Sam looked up and smiled.

"Maddi you know that I am fond of you but without trying to sound rude I'd appreciate it if you'd leave."


"Well because our presence tends to draw Sam's attention away from his work, most of which is very important."

"Toby are you being unlikeable again?" Ellen Hensley asked as she came into the room. She was about the same height as Maddi, 5'2", and had straight dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was younger than Toby, only 34.

"Well we're not going to get any work done now so we'll just finish this tomorrow."

"No it's okay we'll leave." Maddi says

"No it's okay. Sam, Maddi go home to see your daughter, I'll see you guys tomorrow."


The White House was slowly emptying out, as staff went home for the night. But in Leo McGarry's office, the light remained on. At his desk, Leo was writing. After a long day, he was tired. A random surge of pain ricochet through his arm. Leo winced. It did that every now and then. Ever since a year ago....

~FLASHBACK~ The pain sliced through him a second before he was forced to the ground. The pain enveloped his consciousness. He couldn't think. All he could do was lay there. He couldn't see if the President was okay. He couldn't make sure the senior staff was in tact. He could only lie there. ~END~

~~~That Night~~~

Jed was sitting on the sofa in his office looking over some papers. Leo came in.

"Leo you're still here?" He asked somewhat upset

"Yes, I had some things to finish up."

"I thought you had a date with -"

"A dinner meeting"

"Okay, I thought you had a "dinner meeting" with Claire Donavon."

"I did, but I canceled my dinner meeting with the senator."

"Go home."

"Goodnight Mr. President."


In her dorm room, Zoey was rewinding the video that she and Charlie had just finished. Charlie stood lazily, taking off his undershirt in the stuffy room. With his back to Zoey, she began to come up behind him. In the dim lights, she caught a glimpse of the scars that marred his smooth back.


Zoey lay on the ground in pain, piercing pain was coming from her right side, she tried to sit up but the attempt failed. Then she noticed Gina's body, her first thought was that the woman who was willing to give her life for her just had, she was relieved to see Gina's chest moving up and down, she was breathing, she was alive. Then she turned her head to see the blood covered body of Charlie lying near by. She attempted to gasp and then realized that it was becoming hard to breathe, then she blacked out.


Gently she ran her hands around his waist, not allowing herself to linger over the visible scars. "I love you so much," she whispered in his ear.

Turning around in her arms, he returned her embraced. He kissed her. "I love you too."


Sam paced back and forth across the nursery holding a crying Carrie.

"Come on Carrie," he pleaded with her, "go to sleep."

"Give it up Seaborne" Maddi told him as she stood at the doorway "Sam you've been in here for 45 minutes, she's not going to sleep."

He sighed as he walked over to Maddi and handed her Carrie who instantly stopped crying. Sam sighed and rolled his eyes.

"What is up with that Caroline?" he asked her as he kissed her forehead.

"Sam, you're stressed out, she can tell." Maddi said as she gently stroked Carrie's soft deep brown ringlets.

Sam sighed "I know."

"I'll get her too sleep, go watch TV or something try to relax, please."

"Okay." Sam said as he headed down the hall to the living room. Maddi took Carrie and sat down in the blue and white gingham glider rocker. She took a little book off the table nearby and began to read it to Carrie.


In the President's bedroom, Jed was busily preparing for bed. He was talking randomly about his day when he noticed Abbey wasn't listening.

"Abbey?" he asked. "Are you okay?"

"What? Yeah, yeah, I'm fine." Jed joined her on the bed, looking concerned. "You don't seem fine. What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she said unconvincingly. "Abigail, don't lie. Does this have to do with the shooting? It's been exactly a year. I can see how it's affected the staff. They all had the same distant look in their eyes today, just like you do, Abbey. I understand. It's hard to concentrate on my work when all I can think of is what happened. I mean, Zoey and Charlie-"

"No that's not it at all." She interrupted

"Well then what is it?"

"Jed, I'm pregnant."

He opened his mouth to say something but no words came. "Come again" he finally stuttered.

"You and I are going to have a baby again."

To Be Continued


You Can't Fight Fate - 2



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