Title: Bringing Up Baby the Old Fashioned Way 1/?
Author: April K.
Rating: PG-13/Language/angst-romance-and tons of comedy.
Pairing: Sam & Mal (Some are destined to be star crossed lovers, they fit this bill). Disclaimer: The characters do not belong to me. They belong to Aaron Sorkin and his geniuses. No copyright infringement intended.
Archive: Please do but tell me where.
Summary: Sam plays Cary Grant to Mal's Katherine Hepburn in the style of the screwball comedy of the forties on their way to developing a relationship. Feedback: Please let me know what you think and if you would like for it to continue.
Author Notes: I want to especially thank Lynn for giving my muse life and for helping me find my footing. Her patience and help have been a Godsend. A gracious thank you. April K.

Part 1


Thursday morning, 6:15 a.m. Mallory O'Brien's Apartment. Second Floor Bedroom.

The alarm went off and woke Sam Seaborn. Sam had a bewildered look in his eyes until he shifted his arm to the left and felt Mallory's warm soft lips against his throat. He then smiled coyly as he *remembered*.

"Hey sleepy head, good morning." He gave her a dazzling smile and then brushed her hair softly from her face.

"It is a good morning." She pressed her lips against his ever so gently, and watched his eyes sparkle with passion and surprise. They kissed for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality had only been a mere three minutes.

"I could very easily get used to this, waking up with you..."

Mallory teasingly bit his earlobe as he contentedly caressed her shoulder and her arms and then surrendered to her mouth once again. The passion, as hot as it was last night, elicited a contented purr from Sam. Mallory then pulled away from Sam a little too quickly.

"Sam, I think we'd better... "

"Mmmmmm, let's just keep doing this and more."

"Sam, I'd love to but, this is only Thursday."

"Th-Thursday? You Sure? What time is it?"

"It's six-fifteen."

"Mallory, why didn't you tell me what time it was?" He pulled away from her abruptly. Because their legs were tangled up in the sheets, Sam almost dumped Mallory on the floor in the process. When Mallory caught herself and snapped back at Sam, her voice reflected a tinge of anger.

"You can read a clock, can't you?"

"I've got a seven-fifteen appointment, then senior staff at eight. Oh, God." He shook his head and snapped back.

"What?" She tried to keep the anger resonating from her voice as she watched as a mixture of pure panic and sheer terror radiated over Sam's face.

"Your dad. Mal, I totally forgot. I can't go to the briefing. There's just no way."

"Sam, Why?"

"Not after last night."

"He's just my dad."

"He's just my boss. No, I need to be anywhere but there. Not this morning. No way."

"Sam, I know that my dad can be a little intimidating, but he is professional, reasonable and fair, and he did calm down somewhat last night."

"After he wanted to arrest me on charges of rape, sexual assault and battery. Sure, he's fair and reasonable, just not where I'm concerned."

"Sam, I think he took it really well after..."

"After you threatened him with that temper of yours. Mallory, I can't go in there and sit there with Leo" he paused and then added "and the, the President."

"Sam, they won't kill you. They won't even laugh at you. Well, maybe scratch that last thought."

"Hell, for all I know everyone in the West Wing knows about last night. You did call Abbey, remember?"

"You don't have to get so self righteous." She walked away from him her shoulders slumped in defeat.

"Mal, I'm sorry. Don't mind me." She turned back toward him as she heard the heartache expressed in that apology.

"Sam, talk to me. Why are you freaking out on me here?" Her voice softened.

"I have to work there Mallory. You can come and go as you please." He paused.
"I'm going home and getting my clothes and leaving the country. I'll never live this down."

"Sam, stop being a damned drama queen." She glared at him with impatience but
toned it down when she saw the depth of his vulnerability in his eyes.


"Sam, calm down."

"I am calm."

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"Sam, you are not calm." Her voice rose again with exasperation.

"Mal, I'm as calm as I'm going to get this morning."

"Sam, let me go get you a cappuccino. It'll give you enough caffeine to get you through the briefing. Maybe two of them?"

"Very funny. No, that's fine. I'll just grab something off someone's desk at work."


"Mal, let me stay with you here, today?" He looked at her with those expressive soulful eyes that said please-hold-me-and-and-don't-let-me-go. She wanted to soothe all his pain, fear and insecurities away like one of her students, but in a very un-teacher like way. She had to strongly fight the urge to take him in her arms and possible end up in bed again.

"Sorry, I've got school at seven." She shook her head sadly as he glanced away embarrassed.

"Why did we do this last night? Why couldn't we wait for the weekend?"

"You wanted to throw caution to the wind last night, and if I remember correctly, it was great." He smiled back at her pensively as his eyes glistened with tears.

"Yes, you were great and that outfit...then your dad." He responded quietly.

"Sam, I'm sorry. I told you last night. I'll apologize again if I have to. I forgot to tell you he'd probably show up. He always does on Wednesday nights. He takes care of Rob for me during the week and he comes over to let me know how he's been."

"Wait a minute, who's Rob?" He quizzically arched his eyebrows at her.

"Sam, you know Rob."

"No I don't. Is he related to the hockey player?"

"Sam, don't tell me you're jealous of Rob?"


"He's my black cocker spaniel puppy. He's named after Rob Lowe? You've never seen him?"

"Okay. Maybe I missed something here. Why's he named after that Rob guy?"

"You wouldn't understand. He's a movie star who happens to be my favorite Saturday night date. I adore his movies. And he is so *hot*."

"Mallory, what is it about hockey players and actors?"

"Sam, I'm just kidding. Chill out, will you? I've only dated a couple of guys seriously actually only one besides you. You make me feel special. I get all tingly inside when you touch me. Please forgive me?"



"I sorta feel that way too."

"You do?"

"Yeah. I accept your apology. I guess your dad will always see me in his PJ's from now on. Could be worse." Sam's shoulders shook as he laughed. "We could have been totally in the buff." Sam grinned from ear to ear as his eyes shined like sapphires.

"Yeah, besides that, I made an almost as good impression as you did. You had more clothes on than I did. Remember? I could have given him a heart attack and then we would have been up a creek. I have never seen him so exasperated in all my life. Well, maybe at mom." She laughed nervously.

"Please don't mention your mom in the same breath. Oh God, I've got to leave town. I wonder if my passport is still good?"

"Sam, Dad's face was just so funny."

"I saw his face. Funny it wasn't And then you just had to walk down the stairs dressed in that black lace, thing and utter so sexily and sweetly, "Sam, let's just forget the snack and go right for the dessert?" and then you screamed. "DAD!" some impression. The girl of my dreams dressed in the outfit of my dreams and you're dad shows up. Takes all the fun out of it. Especially *your dad*. Made me look even worse and I just had his pajamas on. By the way, the next time you throw me a pair of mens pajamas, please tell me whose they belong to so I can skip them?"

"Who said there was going to be a next time, Sam? Besides, you would have been nude without them. Or you could have worn my frilly red lace housecoat? Think what an impression that would have made?" She couldn't keep the laughter out of her voice and he glanced at her sharply with his bruised ego showing all over his face causing her to quickly quiet her mirth.


"Sam, no whining."

"I just wanted to turn around and get out of there, but your dad was blocking the damn doorway."

"Sam, he was just as upset as you. I just don't think the shock ever did register. I'm really sorry."

"There were probably reporters lurking out in the bushes and I just know our pictures will show up on the front page of the Post today. I have a good track record with pictures, you know. I might as well write my resignation out now."

"Sam, just calm down a minute."

"I am calm, remember? I'm calling in sick today. I probably should call CJ and tell her about possible pictures that might show up somewhere today. She'll kill me too. Oh, I'm sick."

"Sam, you are not sick, just panicked and paranoid."

"Like hell, I'm sick."

"Sam, I'm calling Toby and telling him you won't be at the seven-fifteen meeting, but that you will be there for senior staff."

"Oh No. No. No!"

"Now what?" Her patience stretched to the limit is reflected in her tone.

"I have to turn that speech on Social Security over to Toby this morning. I've got to go. It's at home on my coffee table. What time is it?"


"Where're my keys?"

"Sam. First, I think you'd better change out of the pajamas. Last night was one thing. Today and the White House are something else"

"Yeah, I guess that would be a good idea." He grinned at her slyly before he ran up the stairs two at a time.


Mallory listened curiously for sounds of Sam upstairs when she heard a loud crash and then a loud shouted curse from Sam. She couldn't hide the evil grin that started from the corners of her mouth. Sam limped down the stairs. Mallory met him at the bottom. She kissed him hard on the mouth. He grabbed the railing for support with his left hand as his body melted into hers, his right hand grabbed hers for support. She reluctantly pulled away from him but not letting go of his hand, their fingers interlaced each others.

"Sam, call me after your briefing."

"Can't I stay with you? I'll go around to all your classes and you can show and tell me."

"I'd like to but, it will be okay Sam. Besides, just remember last night part two. Just remember that."

She again kissed him on the lips and it's Sam who pulled away quickly this time.

"How can I forget that?" He answered in a sexy husky voice.

"Sam, you've got to go or you'll be late. Be careful and watch where you're going?"

"I will."



"Love you."

"Love you, too."

"Be careful."

"I will."

"I'll call you."

"Kay. You have my cell number?"

"Yeah, and your pager number."


"Sam, get out of here, before I ravage you again."

"Is that a promise?"

"You'll have to wait for later to find out."

"Damn timing."

"Bye, Sam."

"Bye, Mal.

He blew her a kiss as he jogged to his car. He opened the door, glanced back and smiled at Mallory, then got behind the wheel. Sam distractedly started the car and pulled out into traffic without glancing back, much to the chagrin of the driver behind him. Sam came to a complete stop which angered the driver even more. The driver gunned his engine loudly on his way past Sam up the street.

Mallory watched with her hand on her mouth and her heart in her throat, until Sam pulled safely back out into traffic and then disappeared down the street. She then smiled and walked back into her apartment walking a little lighter.

She went upstairs and saw the clothes all over the place. She picked up the pajamas Sam had been wearing, and underneath she found Sam's cell phone and pager. She picked them up, shook her head in amazement and fell back on the bed laughing so hard that the whole bed vibrated.



Part 2



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