Back Again

by AJ

Notes: Many thanks to Dallas for her help in the development of all the new characters that are to appear in this story.

Disclaimer: Not mine. 'Nuf said.

Summary: Mason finds out that he has a brother.

"Jed?" Abbey walked into their bedroom in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday.

"Yeah?" Came Jed's distracted response.

"What are you doing here? I thought you'd be working."

"Yeah." Jed replied.

"What's wrong, Jed?"

"I... uh... here," Jed handed her an envelope.

Abbey took one look at the name on the piece of paper in front of her, "Jed..."


"You found him?"


"What are you going to do?"

"Bring him home, Abbey. Bring him home," Jed said.

"He's been gone for twenty three years, Jed. What makes you think you're going to be able to bring him back now?"

Jed paused and looked at his wife. He then grabbed the manila envelope from her hands and tossed it on the floor. "You know, Abigail. You look rather. . . hot today." Jed began to back her up against the bed. "Perhaps you should shed your clothes... I'll help..." Jed raised his brows playfully.

"I'm sure you will," she laughed as she fell softly against the bed and brought him down with her. "But you know... I may end up feeling a little over dressed. You in this suit and all..."

"There's an easy remedy for that, my dear," Jed loosened his tie and threw it off. "Very easy."


The next evening, Abbey and Jed were sitting in the living room of the residence, relaxing, enjoying a nice conversation when Charlie entered the room. "Uh, sir?"

"Yeah? What is it Charlie?"

"Sir, there's some people here to see you. They said you requested their presence as soon as possible."

"Who is it, Charlie?"

"Um, Olsen and Flash," Charlie answered.

"They're here?!" Jed shot up from the couch, shortly followed by Abbey.

"Yes, sir." Charlie said. "They are waiting just outside."

Jed turned to face Abbey, the excitement written all over his face. "Send them in, Charlie."

"Yes, sir." Charlie exited the room, and moments later, a 37-year-old man and a 4-year-old boy entered the living room.

"Olsen!" Jed cried out and rushed to pull the man into his arms. "It's been way too long. I've missed you."

"I've missed you too, JB."

With a tear streaking down his face, Jed let go of his embrace on the man, and got down on a knee so he would be level height with the boy. "So, you're Flash?"

"He doesn't talk, JB. Not since Marianne died."

Jed paused. "I read about her in your file... I'm really sorry, Ev."

"Yeah..." Olsen said weakly.

"Jeb, you asked to see me?" Mason walked into the living room, but stopped when he saw the two strangers.

"Yeah, come here Reeder," Jed said.

"Vett?" Mase cautiously approached his uncle. "What's going on?"

"Reeder, I want you to meet your... your brother..."

Back Again - 2



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