Back Again

by AJ

"Brother?!!!" Mason exclaimed.

"Yes, Reeder. Brother." Jed replied.

"I don't have a brother, Vett."

"Ev, Abbey, give us a minute?" Jed asked.

"Yeah, sure thing, Jed." Abbey said and walked Flash and Olsen out of the living room.


"He was born 14 years before you. He and your father got into fights all of the time... ten times worse than anything you two got into... Jeremiah kicked him out, and Olsen gladly ran... He moved in with your Aunt Emily-"

"Who?" Mason asked.

"Your mom's youngest sister... No one but your brother ever liked her. . . When Jer kicked him out, that's where he went. Your dad quickly cut off any ties he had with the two of them, and forced everyone else to do the same."

"Brother?" Mase whispered.

"His name is Olsen Everett. He was named after both of your grandfathers. The past few years, he's been living in Chicago, as a firefighter. Until recently, when his wife, Marianne, also a firefighter, died."


"Chicago fired him. Said he wasn't mentally competent to be a firefighter anymore. I've been looking for him, for a few years now. And I finally found him. I got him a job here, in DC. As a firefighter. Cause I wanted him home."


"My hopes are that you won't hold anything against him. The fact that he ran, and never came back. It wasn't his fault. It wasn't Jer's fault. It just was."

"How did I not know?"

"Your dad didn't want you to know, son. He didn't want to remember. It was all too painful for him. But you know now. And he's right out there. . ."

"Brother?" Mason asked, and fell into the couch, a tear streaking down his face. "I have a brother?"

"Yes, Reeder. You have a brother. And I think if you go out there and talk with him, you'll find out that you have a lot in common with him."

"I... I can't... Vett."

"Yeah, Reeder, you can."

"No! I can't!" Mason got up and ran out of the living room, right past Abbey, Olsen and Flash.


Back Again - 3



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