Back Again

by AJ

When Mason started running, he didn't stop until he got outside and reached his 68 Camaro. He quickly fumbled to move inside the vehicle, and then rested his head against the steering wheel, letting the tears flow out of him.

"Mason?" A voice called out.

"Who are you?" Mason asked, not turning his gaze to meet with the intruder.

"I'm your brother." Olsen answered.

"I don't have a brother."

"Mase, I-"

"Don't call me that! Don't call me Mase! Only people I know get to call me Mase! I don't know you. You don't get to call me Mase!!"

Olsen took a step back, "Okay, I won't call you Mase."

"Good." Mason patted down his jean pockets looking for his car keys, not realizing he left them in the car door.

"Looking for these?" Olsen asked, pulling them out of the door and dangling them just out of Mason's reach.

"Give me those!" Mason reached out for them, and Olsen took a step back. "Damnit! Give me my keys!"

"We need to talk, Mason."

"I don't want to talk to you. I don't know you." Mason shouted.

"So talk to me. Get to know me."

"Give me my keys," Mason got out of his car and tackled Olsen down to the ground. "Just give me my keys so I can run away."

Olsen clenched the keys inside his fist tightly, "No, Mason. I'm not giving them to you. You're not running from me, like I ran from you."

"Why the hell not?!" Mason snapped.

"Because I need a brother. I need my brother. For 23 years, I've tried to hang on to those few memories I've had of you. Sneaking into your nursery room in the middle of the night to watch you sleep... playing with you everyday when I got home from school... It nearly killed me to leave you and Mom. But I couldn't stay. I couldn't stay with him, Mason. I couldn't live like that."

Mason broke out into a million sobs, as he climbed off his brother and curled his legs up, bringing his knees into his chest, and his head in his knees. "Get away from me," He cried out when he felt Olsen's hand on his back. "Get the hell away from me. I don't need a brother. I don't need anyone..." Mason trailed off, as his cries took over.

Not knowing what to do, how hard to push, what to say, Olsen stood and slowly moved back inside the White House. He went back to the residence, to the living room, where Flash was watching some cartoons, and Jed and Abbey were quietly talking about Flash, Olsen, and Mason.

"It was a mistake coming back, JB. I'm sorry." Olsen moved over and picked Flash up. "I'm not going to take that job with DCFD... Flash and I will go back to Chicago. We have some friends there... I can get a job doing something... I just shouldn't have come back."

"Olsen, don't run. You've been running for way too long. Don't do it anymore. Please, I'm begging you," Jed stood. "I'm begging you, don't go. Reeder will get over this. He will. You two will be acting like you should have been all along. Just don't go."

"JB, I... I can't stay... I'm sorry."

"Let me talk with him again. Let me talk to Mason. Please, Olsen. I just got you back. Don't leave me. Let me talk to him. Don't do anything until I talk with him. Please."


Back Again - 4



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