End of the Innocence

by AJ

Notes: This wasn't supposed to become a series, but alas, it has. And thanks to Dallas and to Rhiannon for their help.

Summary: If I knew where this was going, I'd gladly tell you, but I don't, so I can't.

Disclaimer: Just a girl having fun.

"So, how'd you sleep last night? Was the bed comfy enough for you?" Abbey was putting up such a fuss over Lydia.

"Yes, ma'am. It was the most comfy... I slept better last night than I have in a very long time. Thank you, ma'am." Lydia smiled as she sat down at the breakfast table, only one day after she tried to jump off a building.

As always, Jed Bartlet was late. As he entered the dining room, he walked behind his wife, and planted a kiss on her neck, and then he looked up at the teen sitting across the table from him. "Hello Lydia, I trust you had a good night's sleep." Jed moved his glance down, to his wife, and continued "Even though my wife wouldn't stop hovering over you."

Lydia smiled as she watched Abbey smack Jed's arm that was tightening its grip around her. "Like I was telling Mrs. Bartlet, Mr. President..."

"It's Jed and Abbey." Jed interrupted Lydia.

Lydia blushed slightly as she started over, "As I was telling Abbey, I slept better than I ever think I have before. Thank you, Jed."

As Jed moved to sit down on the chair next to his wife, a secret service agent entered the room. "Mr. President, Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum are here." He announced quietly to the President.

"Already?" Jed looked down at his watch. Guess when people find out that the President of the United States would like to see them; they really do come in a hurry. "Okay, well, we are going to finish... start breakfast. Have them wait in my office, would you?"

"Yes sir, Mr. President, sir." The young man sounded as he walked off speaking into his mike.

"Who is Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum?" Abbey asked her husband, who was giving her a warning glance.

"Lydia," Jed glanced across the table, with a look of unease quickly overtaking his facial expression. "We need to talk."

Lydia picked up on the President's facial expression and the tone of his voice, and knew exactly what he was about to tell her. "They don't want me back. They don't. And I don't want to go back. You can't make me. You aren't my parents, I don't have any parents." Lydia flew out of the chair she was in and ran out of the dining room. Abbey and Jed exchanged glances for a moment longer, and then Abbey got up and followed the girl's tracks.

Cautiously entering the room that she had set up for Lydia the night before, Abbey got discouraged as she found it empty. Then she heard a noise coming from inside of the closet. Slowly, she walked over there, and opened the door, to find Lydia sitting in a ball on the floor of the closet, in complete darkness.

Abbey found herself crawling down onto the floor and sitting beside the girl. Bringing Lydia's head down, on to her shoulder, Abbey herself began to cry. ~~~ Lydia reluctantly entered into the Oval Office, to find her parents sitting across from each other on the couches, with Charlie keeping them company. Once Charlie saw the three people enter the room, he was quick to make his exit. Lydia's parents, Patty and Ken stood up immediately at the entrance of the POTUS and the FLOTUS. Then... they saw their daughter.

"Hello, I'm Jed Bartlet, this is my wife, Abbey, and I'm sure you know this beautiful young lady lingering behind me, here." Jed said as he stuck his hand out.

"Yes, sir. I'm glad you found her. We have so many children, it's hard to keep track of them all." Ken said. "I'm sorry, but we can't stay long, I have to get to work, and my wife needs to get back to our other children, so if we could just get Lydia... we'll be on our way."

Lydia turned into Abbey, and gave her a hug, then whispered, "Don't make me go... I don't want to go."

"I'm sorry, sweetie." Abbey whispered. "I have no choice. They are your parents."

"For crying out loud!" Ken sounded. "Lydia Grace, get your *ss over hear now!"

"Watch your mouth, Mr. Hampton, this is the Oval Office." Jed sounded right back, at least matching the volume of Ken's voice.

"Sorry sir," Ken lowered his voice. "It's just we don't have the kind of time to be wasting on Lydia here." Ken said as he jerked Lydia over to her.

Abbey's eyes grew furious at what she was witnessing. No wonder this girl tried to kill herself. Abbey glared a moment, "Your daughter, Mr. Hampton, almost tried to kill herself! I bet you didn't know that, did you? She thinks you don't love her! I told her she was probably just imagining it. I told her that all parents love their children. I couldn't have been more wrong, could I? I bet you know next to nothing about your daughter, in fact, I'm thinking that I probably know a hell of a lot more about Lydia than you do. What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Who the hell are you to talk to me about my daughter? What I know about her is none of your damn business. You don't know a damn thing about my daughter, you're just some busy-body that happened by when she decided to throw a temper tantrum. "

"Don't you ever, and I mean EVER talk to my wife like that again. Do you understand?" Jed thundered. As he got a nod, he continued. "You may not think much of yourself, and you may not think much of your daughter, but this is the First Lady of your country, and I am your President. We deserve respect, and we demand it. If you ever so much as think of having another outburst such as that one, towards me, my wife, or even towards your daughter, I will find out about it, and you will not like my actions. I can guarantee you that one, sir. Now get the hell out of my White House before I have you thrown out." Jed added as he glanced at his door that grants him access to Leo's office, "And she stays here."


End Of The Innocence - 2


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