End of the Innocence

by AJ

Notes: This ends up having a strong theme, at least in my opinion. So, this part is going to be rated 15.

"You don't know anything about me. How do you know?" Lydia fired back at Roni as she tried to get her arm loose.

"Because Mom couldn't stop talking about you, when she called me on the phone last night." Roni said. "My Mom is a very loving person. She took me in right away, and loved me as a mother should love a daughter... Even though she knew nothing about me. Dad, too. And it took me a while to fully understand, to really realize that it was with them, that I belonged. But, I did come to that conclusion... eventually. And it couldn't have come sooner." Roni still had a firm grasp on Lydia's hand, but slowly began to loosen it. "I know where you've been. And I know where you are going. That was me, not that long ago. The difference is... you stopped yourself from trying to commit suicide. I didn't. You can get the help you need now, before it is too late. Cause, I gotta tell you, if you try to do it afterwards, it is not going to be a pretty sight." Roni paused and smiled at the younger female in front of her. "Now come on, let's go back in that office and you can apologize to them."


"No, no but's." Roni's voice was firm. "Now come on. I don't have all day." Roni said as she caught Lydia reluctantly following her.

As Lydia choose to linger behind the wall, not to be seen by anyone inside of Leo's office, Roni opened the door and rolled herself into the doorway.

"Hey, Roni! What are you doing here? Didn't classes start up yesterday?" Jed asked, pleased to see his youngest daughter.

"Yeah, they did. I finished at 11. Anyway, I've got someone here who has something to say to you guys." Roni looked behind her, then pushed herself back out of the office. A moment later, she returned with Lydia.

Lydia hesitated for a long time, just making incoherent sounds. "Lydia." Roni said in a supportive manner. Roni knew what Lydia needed. She needed somebody in her corner, somebody to encourage her, somebody who has been there before. Roni.

"I'm sorry I tried to run out on the two of you. I know you weren't really trying to get rid of me. I'm sorry. It's just... all my life, I've been told how stupid I am, how ugly I am, how much I'm not wanted. How I was the biggest mistake my parents ever made. It's hard to get over that stuff. But you are not my parents, I should not have classified you in the same category as I did them. The two of you are nothing like my parents. You are everything they are not. So, I'm sorry, for the way I acted, and for running."

"It's alright. I'm sorry for what I said, especially because it upset you." Jed said as he moved over with his wife, to Lydia.

"Yeah..." Lydia hesitated. "As long as I am telling you... there's one more thing you should know about." Tears began to form in Lydia's eyes, as she frantically ran her fingers through her hair. "The reason I reacted the way I did... my uncle already took me in. I lived with him for the past two months, or so, until... until... he..." Lydia closed her eyes and swallowed hard. Determined to finish, she spoke up again, "He... he raped me." Lydia paused as she saw all eyes become fixed on her. "My uncle raped me. When I found out, that I was... when they told... preg-" Lydia paused as she was gathered up into Abbey's arms. "I couldn't stay with him anymore, so I went back home. I told my Dad that I was," Lydia swallowed hard again. "Pregnant, the abuse started to get worse, and I just had to get out of there. That's why I was up on that roof yesterday. That is the whole story."

When Lydia finished, she completely sank into Abbey's arms. Abbey being the only thing that was holding her up. Closing her eyes, Abbey drew the girl in further, and rested her head on top of Lydia's. "Shh. That's all behind you now. We're going to help you get past it. Shh." Abbey continued to make soothing sounds, as she herself began to feel week. Looking around the room, she found her husband's eyes. Jed immediately got the hint, and went behind Abbey, to be her strength, so that Abbey could be Lydia's.



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