How She Carried On

by AJ

Notes: This is a sequel to End of the Innocence. Same thing goes for this one, as did the last part of that one, it deals with a serious subject matter. IMO. The song, Wash Away Those Years belongs to Creed.

Disclaimer: A girl can dream, right?

Summary: Lydia is faced with the beginning of the process of pressing charges against her uncle.

She came calling
One early morning
She showed her crown of thorns

"We're here for you, Lydia. You don't have to be scared. You've got us, we're your family now." Roni said in an extremely supportive manner as they waited just outside of the Oval Office.

"They won't believe me. Why would they? Why are the cops going to take my word for what happened? I'm just some pregnant kid."

"An honest, loving, caring kid. A kid who was forced into something, by someone she thought she could trust. And you're forgetting who you have on your side."

"Who?" Lydia asked as the doors of the Oval Office opened, and Abbey and Jed were revealed.

"Are you ready?" Abbey asked as she walked over to Lydia and put a hand on her back.

With an extreme look of fright, Lydia stood and said, "I hope so."

She whispered softly
To tell a story
About how she had been wronged

As she lay lifeless
He stole her innocence

"It's okay. Take your time." A young female police officer said gently to Lydia.

"The first time was a little over a month ago." Lydia's fear was detected in her shaky voice that was barely above a whisper.

A long, uncomfortable silence fell over the office as Lydia paused. It was evident, by the pained expression on her face, which she was forcing herself to relive those moments in time that she'd sooner just forget.

"The first week that I lived with him, everything was fine. Nothing out of the normal. Then..." Lydia trailed off as she discovered her voice was not cooperating with herself.

Physically collapsing into Abbey, who was sitting right next to her on the couch, Lydia slowly began to find the strength to continue.

"One day, he came home from a party. He wasn't drunk, but I could tell that he had had a little to drink. He... he stumbled into my room, where I was watching TV. He laid down on my bed... out of no where, he just began to... he... he started to kiss me. I backed away from him, but he cornered me somehow." As tears threatened her composure, Lydia took a break.

In a motherly fashion, Abbey had Lydia wrapped up in her arms. Running her fingers through Lydia's hair, Abbey placed a tender kiss on the top of Lydia's head.

"Whether you can, or cannot continue, we are right here, right where you need us." Abbey whispered into Lydia's ear.

Taking a deep breath, Lydia began again. "I told him no. I told him to back away, but the more I protested, the stronger he came on... I don't really remember much more of what happened that time, because I ended up fainting. But it happened then, and time and again, it happened." Lydia placed a hand on her stomach.

"About a month and a half later, I found out I was pregnant... He's the only one... I never... he's the only one, it has to be his." The tears that had been pushed back finally found the light of day, as they flooded Lydia's face.

And this is how she carried on

Well I guess she closed her eyes
And just imagined everything's alright
But she could not hide her tears
'Cause they were sent to wash away those years.

Lydia looked around the room to see the loving, supportive eyes of Abbey, Jed, Roni, and the two police officers, before she closed her own eyes.

By some small miracle of grace, Lydia, for the first time in at least two months, was able to fall asleep with ease. Once she had, Abbey slipped the girl out of her arms, and laid her down on the couch.

"So?" Abbey asked as she walked over, to the side of her husband and the two police officers.

"From here, we will take what she said, and get it typed up into an affidavit. When she signs it, then we will be able to get a warrant for his arrest." Stated the older male cop.

"How long will it take?" Jed asked as he threw an arm around his wife.

"We can have the affidavit done in an hour or so, and after Ms. Hampton signs it, we can have the warrant soon after, Mr. President."

"Thank you." Jed reached a hand out to the two police officers and shook their hands.

"You are welcome. Sir, Ma'am." The older male cop nodded his head. "If you'll excuse us, we can go back to the station and start the paperwork."

"Thank you." Abbey said as the two officers walked out of the office.



How She Carried On - 2


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