During the press conference, Josh was watching it on his TV in his office, as he so often does. After watching it for a few minutes, Sam came in from the side, unnoticed by Josh. After about a minute of standing behind Josh, Sam finally spoke up, which scared Josh half to death. Upon Sam's startling words, Josh tossed up all the papers that were in his hands at the time.

"Don't do that to me again Sam, what are you trying to do, give a guy a heart-attack?"

"I'm sorry, I've actually been in here for a minute or two. I thought you knew I was in here."

"Well I didn't."

"Yeah, I'm beginning to realize this. Should I come back at another time?"

"No, I was just watching the press briefing."

"Why's she talking about prescription drugs?"

"She made a slip up, and now they have her talking about them. What do you need?"

"Toby told me to drop this off with you. He said you, him, and Leo talked about it, and this was getting tossed in your corner."

"What is it?"

"Appropriations junk."


Around 2:00 p.m. Butterfield, and a few other secret service agents showed up right outside the Oval Office. About a minute later, Roni, Bobbie, and a few more agents showed up. All in all, there were six secret service agents. After popping into the Oval Office, Charlie came back and told them they could all go in. After everyone was seated on a couch or surrounding chair, Jed finally spoke up.

"Earlier this morning, I had an interesting conversation with my daughter. It turns out she gets very bored around the White House. She feels she doesn't lead an interesting life. She suggested that she would like to get a job. Roni has narrowed her choices down to Sears or Belks, both being in the mall. So, this meeting is to discuss any problems that the secret service might have, if this were to happen."

"Sears, or Belks?"


"What part? Like in billing, or in customer relations or something?"

"Well I sort of already filled out applications, and have been approved to work as a salesman in the men's department."

"The men's department? Meaning, you'll be having several people coming up to you, none of which would have gone through a background check, approaching you an a daily basis?"


"And you're serious about this?"

"Yeah. Are you trying to say that it won't work?"

"I think what he is trying to say," Bobbie broke in, "is that this is going to be a nightmare for any agent involved."


Attempting to read the papers that Sam dropped off for him earlier, Josh was getting very frustrated.


A few seconds later, Donna came running into Josh's office. "Yes?"

"Come here. What does this say? I can't read it."

"Let me see, maybe matutinal, or mutational."

"And what does that mean? And what about this word, here? Can you make it out? Oh never mind, I'm just going to go to Toby and have him decipher his writing for me. I'll be back."


Minutes later, Josh showed up at Toby's door, knocking, with no response, so he decided to just open it and see if Toby was in.

"Did I say you could come in?"


"Then why did you come in?"

"I can't read your hand-writing, I need you to decipher it for me."

"So when did I say you could come in?"

"You didn't, I'm sorry. It's just that I would really like to get this stuff done, and I need your help to do it."

"What can't you read?" Toby asked as Josh handed him the folder.

"Right here, what's this word, and this one over here...." Josh began to point out words all over the page.

"Would you like me to tell them to you, re-write them for you, or email them to you?"

"You should probably email them to me, that way I can read them."

"Would you like definitions while I'm at it?"

"Nope, just as long as I can read the word, I can look it up myself."

"Which words again?" Toby asked with a pained expression.

Jobs And Dungeons - 3


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