Mad Season

by AJ

Notes: New character. hehe, I couldn't stop myself. Disclaimers: Just a girl having some fun.

"Dad!" A young, man, wearing a college graduation gown shouted. "I don't want to go to law school, and you know it!"

"Don't raise your voice to me, Mason. You are going to Law school, and that's that."

"No dad, I'm not. I got my BS in Criminal Justice so I can become a Secret Service agent. That's what I want to do. Not Law school! And you know it, Dad!" Mason was very firm with his words.

"Why would you want to take a bullet for someone you don't even know?" Jeremiah, Mason's father said in bewilderment.

"I could work for Uncle Jed." Mason stomped around the football field, only moments after his college graduation. "I'll take a bullet for him." Mason said absent-mindedly.

"No, you're not!" Jeremiah stomped after his son. "You are not joining the secret service. And you are not going to be a cop! You are going into Law school!"

"Why can't you let me do what I want to do? It is my life!! My life. Not yours Dad! Mine!" Mason screamed and then stormed off of the football field.

When he left his father, he was so very aggravated. His father was always trying to control his life.


It was his father's choice for him to go to Duke. It was his father's choice for him to, well, just about everything he has ever done, it's been his father's choice. Not his. He had no real say over the direction of his own life.

That was about to change.

Mason is going to do what he wants to do this time, and he's gonna do it just to spite his father. For as long as he could remember, he's wanted to be a police officer. He never knew why. . . maybe the aspect of getting to drive fast cars and shoot big guns was what it was. Maybe he liked the control that a police officer is so rich in. Whatever it was. . . that's what Mason wanted.

But lately, he has shown a real interest in the Secret Service. An ex secret service agent taught one of his classes, and all of his stories were so fascinating.

When Mason reached his parked car. . . a 1999 dark blue Camaro t-top. . . he just climbed in, turned the engine on, and just started to drive off. He had no clue where he was going. . . just away from his father.

Why did his father always have to dictate his life? And every time Jeremiah would try to interfere with Mason's life, they always fought.

Mason hated fighting with his father. They were always very big on family, every Bartlet was. So when they fought bad enough to where Mason felt the need to leave. . . well, it wasn't good.

About four and a half-hours later, somehow, Mason found himself right outside the doors of the Oval Office. Some how, when he climbed in his car and drove off, the car took on a mind of it's own, and took him to see his uncle.

"Mason?" Jed said wearily as he saw a figure moving into his office. "What are you doing here?"

"Nice to see you too, Uncle Jed." Mason said sarcastically, then he saw the tears in his uncle's eyes and regretted the tone his voice had adopted.

"I thought. . . you'd be in. . . your dad. . ."

"We had a fight. I had to leave." Mason said in an awkward manor.

"You don't know?" Jed was over taken with an uneasiness.

"Know what?"

"Your Dad had a heart attack. He died an hour ago." Jed said with a heavy heart.

TBC. . .


Mad Season - 2


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