Mad Season

by AJ

Notes: Again, there is NO WAY I could have written this part with out Dallas. I actually think she wrote more of it than I did. ::huggles Dallas::

"Mason?" Jed stopped what he was doing and looked up at his very distant nephew sitting before him in the Oval Office.

"Yeah, sure. Sounds good to me." Mason replied, not having a clue to what he was replying to.

"Mason, talk to me, son." Jed watched him carefully.

"I'm not your son!!! Don't call me that!" Mason stood and was amazed at the anger he heard in his voice.

Jed watched, happy that he was exhibiting some sort of emotion, even if it was anger. He nodded, "I'm sorry. I love you like a son, though, Mase. Let me be here for you."

"I'm sorry, it's just. . . I don't deserve your love. I don't deserve anyone's love. . . I killed him, Jeb. I killed him." Mase began to cry.

Jed felt his heart break as tears came to his eyes. He stood and moved over to Mase, taking him in a tight hug, giving him no option to run away. "You do, Mason. You're worthy of my love, of Abbey's, of everyone. And we're giving it to you." Jed spoke softly, but forcefully as he held his trembling nephew.

Mase nodded, "Okay," he whispered softly.

Jed smiled weakly and hugged him a moment longer before loosening his grip and stepping back. Mase immediately turned and grabbed his jacket before running out of the Oval Office.

Jed sighed loudly as he watched the young man flee from everything he needs so desperately to deal with. After a brief moment, Jed took off running after Mason.

Mase made it as far as his car before Jed caught him. "You can't keep running away. You are going to have to deal with this eventually. Let me help. We can deal with it together, son."

Mase stared at him, "For the last time, I'm not your son!! For God's sake, I'm nobody's son anymore!!"

"He was my brother, Mase." Jed moved in closer to Mason. "I miss him too. But you can't run away from it. You can't."

Mase was pinned against his car and felt trapped. He felt his emotions threatening to overflow and couldn't bear to completely loose it in front of a man he loved and respected so much.

Mase began to shake with the emotions he'd held in for the past three days. Or maybe his whole life. He couldn't remember the last time someone had seemed to care so much about him. Tears filled his eyes and he stared at the floor, wishing he could make it all go away. "Just make it stop, Uncle Jed. Please. I want it to stop hurting." He slowly sank to the floor of the parking garage.

Jed sank right down with Mason, holding him tightly in his arms. Just last night, it was him needing to be held. How was he supposed to comfort Mason when he was feeling the same exact emotions?

Mase sobbed freely into his uncle's shoulder, no longer caring what he looked like or who saw him broken down like this. He held on to Jed tightly, "I just wish we hadn't fought," he whispered brokenly.

Soon, Jed's compusure was just as lost as Mason's was as the two of them sat there, leaning against the dark blue Camaro.

TBC. . .


Mad Season - 5


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