Mad Season

by AJ

Mase stared at Jed, "I'm not going."

"Mason, please!" Jed pleaded with the young man.

"No." His tone indicated that this conversation was over, and it was, Mason decided as he grabbed his jacket and moved towards the door.

As his hand reached out for the knob, it began to open from the other side, and there stood Donna.

Mason stared at Donna for a long moment before moving past her and out into the sunlight. Donna stood, starring at the President in confusion.

"He doesn't want to go, Donna." Sounded the President.

Donna sighed and closed her eyes, "Hypocrite." She murmured softly.

"Excuse me?" Jed said as he managed to hear Donna's words, but didn't really understand them.

She bit her lip, "He made me go to my Dad's funeral when I didn't want to. He even came with me."

Jed looked at her with sad eyes as his wife walked up behind him. "Where's Mason? We need to leave for Air Force One now."

Donna spoke, "I'll find him. Don't leave yet. Please." Her eyes pleaded with them not to leave him behind.

Donna went off in search for Mason. She knew that he needed to go to the funeral. Just like he knew she needed to go to her father's.

Donna knew exactly where to find him as she made her way through the empty park. Stopping behind him, she spoke softly, "You need to go, Mason."

"You're only mad cause I made you go to your father's funeral." He stared at the grass in front of him. "It's different Donna. You didn't kill your father. I killed mine."

"First, I am not mad. I am so glad you made me go, it was just what I needed. And second, you did not kill him, Mase. He had a heart attack. There was nothing you could have done."

Mason remained silent, so Donna sat down next to him, and gently put her hand under his chin, turning his head to look at her. "Baby," she spoke very softly, "It hurts me to see you like this. Please. Go. If not for yourself, then for me."

Mason turned his gaze to look at the wise woman sitting next to him. "For you." He replied simply as he stood up.

She stood up and took his hand gently, as she led him back to his car. He drove them both back to the White House and Donna never let go of his hand as they walked to where Jed and Abbey were waiting.

Jed saw the two people approach him, so he put a hand on his wife's leg and stood up, with Abbey not far behind him.

"Let's go to New Hampshire, Jeb." Mason said with great uncertainty in his voice.

Donna smiled weakly and leaned over to kiss Mason gently on the cheek. "I'll see you when you get back," she whispered softly into his ear as she let go of his hand and turned to go.

"NO!" Mase yelled. "Donna, you have to come with me. I went with you." He pleaded.

"I know, but Mason, you've got your uncle and your aunt. I didn't have anyone. You don't need me," She spoke softly, not wanting to leave him and yet not feeling as though she belonged.

"I won't go without you, Donna."

Donna felt torn as tears sprang to her eyes. She looked to Jed for some kind of assurance that she was welcome and wouldn't be intruding.

"The plane doesn't leave for an hour, if you're gonna come, you need to go pack." Jed said.

Donna nodded and moved over to Mason, kissing him gently on the cheek. "I'll be back in a few minutes, Mase." She left without another word. ~~~ The plane ride seemed very long for Mason. He was always one that enjoyed the outdoors, just like his uncle. Not being cooped up inside an airplane. He loved the fresh air, he loved the freedom.

Donna seemed to sense this as she reached over and grabbed his hand, caressing it gently as she laid her head on his shoulder, "It'll be okay, Mase."

"I almost believe it when you say it."

"You should, Mason. It will be."

Jed looked on at his nephew and Donna, then turned to his wife. Reaching down, he grabbed a hold of her hand. "I'm glad he has her. . . they are good together." He smiled.

"Almost as good as we are." She smiled back and then leaned her head down on his shoulder.

TBC. . .


Mad Season - 7


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