Mad Season

by AJ

Notes: It had to happen sooner or later. The song The Car, is Jeff Carson's. Not mine.

The funeral went well, as well as a funeral could go. Mason and Jed both managed to get through it with as little tears as possible. Once it was over, Mason was approached by a man in a dark business suit. He handed a key to Mason and said that it was for a safety deposit box. The contents of which, Jeremiah had placed in it no more than a month ago, with the explicit instructions that when he were to die, Mason was to be given the key.

Mason left the funeral, and was on his way to the bank. He had absolutely no clue why he was going. Where as he was extremely curious as to the contents of the box were, he really didn't want to know what was in it. He knew his dad hated banks, so the simple fact that he had gone to one, and opened a safety deposit box. . .well, the contents of it had to be very special.

Boy, I'd love to have that car, I whispered to my Dad I've always heard a Mustang flies We could fix it up and make it new again All it needs is just a little time

The driver of the car that was taking Mason to the bank had flipped the radio on. Just Mason's luck that it would have a grave meaning to him. He sat there, listening to the song, and remembered a certain car. One he always wanted, but never got. A 1968 Chevy Camaro. Mason had had his eye on the car for the longest time. But Jeremiah said no. He said that it would take too much time to fix it up.

Dad is hardly ever home since Momma passed away He's always working overtime I know that he cannot afford to buy that car Even though he'd love to make it mine.

When Mason's mother had died, Jeremiah had been working a lot more. He began to take on more clients, to keep him from home. From his memories. Mason always saw this, and it frustrated him. He had to deal with his mother's death. Why didn't his father?

But, it's not the car that I'm needing Just the chance to be with him I know that once these days roll past us They will never come again So little time and we spend way too much apart. There would always be a part of us together in that car.

Mason and his mother had been very close, but not as close as he was with his father. So it tore him up so much when Jeremiah began to work so much. They used to do so much stuff together. They would go to the park, play ball, through a frisbee around, just hang out. It wasn't until Christina died that Jeremiah and Mason began to fight as they did. Maybe that's why Mason wanted the car. If he could get his father home more often, if they could spend time together, maybe the fighting would stop.

I finally let go of that dream And the time we could have shared It was a distant memory Until last fall a call came saying Dad was gone Could I come quick, he left a note for me Buried Dad right next to Mom up on Crowley's Ridge. And there I said my last goodbye I opened up the note and found a set of keys Here's your car, son, I hope it flies

Eventually, Mason gave up on his dream too. It was just wishful thinking. But now, that he just finished burying his Dad, right next to his Mom, he regretted giving up on that dream. Mason knew his life was different from the song, in that Mason knew his dad wouldn't have gotten him that car. Not now. Not after all this time. Jeremiah probably never even remembered it. So Mason wondered what it was he was about to find at the bank.

It's not the car that you're needing Just the chance to be with you I hope you understand I always did the best that I could do So little time and we spent way too much apart Now there will always be a part of us together in that car There will always be a part of us together in that car

Mason knew that it wasn't the car that he really needed, it was time with his father. He never got either one, not really. Sure, Mason and Jeremiah spent some time together, but it was never the same. They never did the same things they used to. They only argued.

Finally, the car pulled up to the bank, and Mason shot out of it. He ran inside to read the note.

TBC. . .


Mad Season - 10


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