Strength to Carry On

by AJ

Jed and Abbey had fallen asleep, as they were exhausted from the news they received. There they laid hours later, still in each other's arms. Abbey was the first to wake up. She untangled herself from her husbands loving arms and went over to the radio.

Quietly, she replayed the song over and over again. She needed to hear those words; she needed it as much as she needed the breaths she took. Those words, they weren't Reba McEntire's words. They weren't the author's, Diane Warren's words. They were Jed's words. Jed's words that she needed to hear. Jed's words that he needed to say. They were the things he was feeling, the things she needed him to be feeling. In order to get through this ordeal, she knew that one of them needed to be strong. She knew there was not a chance that it was going to be her ... which just left Jed.

After about the fifth time listening to the song, she looked over at her sleeping husband. She loved him so much, and he loved her. She knew he loved her. He said that he would go on loving her no matter what, but would that really be the case? He doesn't know what they are about to get in to. He has never known anyone who has gone through what she was about to go through. He hasn't seen the heartbreaks caused by going though this kind of thing.

When Jed woke up, his wife wasn't in his arms, like he wanted her to be. Like he needed her to be. He quickly sat up and looked around the room. Abbey was no where in sight. He got up and went into the bathroom, maybe she was in there. No such luck. As he walked back into the bathroom, he looked over on his nightstand. There was a letter, with her handwriting on it.

He went over to the letter and picked it up. As it got closer to his face, he smelled her perfume coming from it. He lifted it up to his nose and took it all in. Then he held it back down, in front of him. He looked at the front of the folded up piece of paper.


That's all it said, was Jed. He went to open the letter up, but hesitated in doing so. Did he really want to know what was on the inside of it? Yes, he did. He needed to know. He didn't want to know, he needed to know. He tore open that letter and began to silently read it.



Strength To Carry On - 3


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