Strength to Carry On

by AJ

When Abbey left her bedroom, her husband, the White House, she needed her space. She needed to go somewhere private. Somewhere special. She had a lot of things to think about, and she just wasn't getting any of it done at the White House.

She climbed into a limo and gave the driver very explicit instructions on how to get where she wanted to go. She spent the car ride doing absolutely nothing. She wasn't talking. She wasn't listening. She wasn't even thinking. She was just sitting in a vehicle, being driven into Virginia.

About an hour later, the limousine came to a stop in front of a very old log cabin. Abbey climbed out of it and ordered that the driver drive away. He did as he was told, after he fished Abbey's suitcase out of the trunk of the limo.

Before entering the log cabin, Abbey watched as the limo drove away. Then she caught sight of the many secret service agents all around her. She gave a loud sigh as she walked over to the head of her detail.

"Matt, don't tell anyone where I am. I don't want anyone, and I mean anyone to find me. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am." The middle aged man looked at the First Lady.

"And I don't want to be bothered either. You got that? No one is to come inside this lodge. No one."

"We have our own lodge, ma'am."

"Okay, well thanks for understanding." Abbey turned on her heals and paraded for the door of the cabin.

Standing at the door, she turned around to face the outside as she breathed in the fresh mountain air. Then she slowly opened the door and began to enter. She stopped almost immediately and reached for a light switch. Flipping it up, the lights came on as they were supposed to.

Abbey took her suitcase and went into the back bedroom, where she began to unpack her things. When she came across a pair of blue jeans and one of Jed's t-shirts that she managed to take from his closet, she decided to change into them.

As soon as she finished unpacking her items, she walked back into the main room, into the living room. She looked around, then headed out the door.

Walking through the abandoned trails that used to be filled with so much life, so much greenery, she began to get depressed. That's when she came up to an old oak tree a good ten feet from a lake. Crawling up next to it, she found a rock on the ground and skipped it into the water.

This is what she needed. She needed to be alone. She needed the beauty of the outdoors. She needed to be right here, in her special spot.

Her and Jed's special spot.



Strength To Carry On - 4


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