Strength to Carry On

by AJ

Hours later, Abbey woke up in Jed's arms. She rose into a sitting position as she looked at him. He had fallen asleep. Seeing this, she laid back down and rested her head back in the same spot.

Turning her attention to the lake, she felt a chill move through her body.

Jed's eyes shot open as he was awoken from his peaceful, somber sleep. He felt a chill go through his body.

When Jed's eyes opened, they found Abbey's.

"Hey." Jed quietly said.

"Hey yourself." She responded just as quiet.

"I hope you're not mad."

"On the contrary, I'm glad you are here. As much as I tried to tell myself I needed to be alone, what I really needed, was to be with you. I'm glad you came."

"You realize we haven't been here since I became President?" Jed looked out at the lake when he said so.

Abbey shook her head, as another chill ran through her body. Immediately, she sat up and brought her arms together and wrapped them around herself in an attempt to warm herself up.

Jed watched this. He watched her. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. Carefully, he reached out and brought her closer, into his body.

"Thanks. I was getting kind of cold."

"You wanna go back now? It's getting late, and it's going to start to cool down some more."

"I want to stay here for a little longer, if that's okay with you."

"Your wish is my command." Jed gazed into her eyes as she gave out a slight chuckle. "What is this? A laugh?"

Abbey rolled her eyes back and shook her head at him. "I love you, Josiah Bartlet."

"I love you, Abigail Bartlet."


A few minutes passed before either of them spoke again. "Maybe we should go in now." Abbey suggested.

"Okay." Jed stood up and then helped Abbey up to her feet.

The two walked back to the log cabin, hand in hand.

When they got there, Abbey went back into the bedroom, "I'm gonna take a bath. A nice hot bubble bath."

"Want company?" Jed raised his eyebrows as he grinned as innocent as a little schoolboy.

"How can I say no to that face?" Abbey reached out for her husband's hand and led him into the bathroom.



Strength To Carry On - 7


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