Struggling Onward

by AJ

Notes: Sequel to The Tower of Escape.

Summary: Roni struggles to move on in her life after Lydia dies.

Disclaimer: Just having some fun, instead of paying attention in philosophy class. Probably should pay attention, but playing with The West Wing is more fun. :-)

Lydia has been dead for three months now. Three months since her fatal accident. Three months since her little boy was delivered. The doctors had managed to revive her a few times, and she had slipped in and out of coma's long enough to be able to spend some time with her baby... Dorian Hunter. But, she died shortly after. The doctors were amazed that she had lasted as long as she did, with the kind of injuries she sustained from the fall.

In the three months that Dorian has lived, he was adopted by Jed and Abbey. Roni wanted the honor of that claim, but because of her young age, that was far too difficult, so she settled on her parents doing it. Of course, it was her that became his mother. It was her that practically lived in the hospital until Dorian was allowed to come home. It was her that got up late at night when he was crying.

Zoey and Roni's relationship began to get back to some level of normalcy. They started spending time together again, but Dorian was always included. Roni lived for Dorian. She made it her life's mission to make sure Dorian was loved the way she was sure Lydia would have.

"Roni?" Brad called out as he walked up behind Roni, who was sitting on the floor, with Dorian in his car seat, right in front of her.

"Yeah?" She replied, without turning her attention from Dorian. She never turned her attention from Dorian. In the three months that he had been alive, she never tore herself from his side. Except to go to classes, she was always with Dorian.

"You're not ready yet." He pointed out to her as he sat on the couch, right behind Roni.

"Ready for what?"

"Our date." Brad seemed annoyed. Seemed? He was. Very annoyed. It's like he no longer existed. Only Dorian and the memory of Lydia mattered to Roni.

"We have a date?"

"Roni!" Brad sighed, "You can't keep doing this to me. You can't."

"I'm not doing anything to you, Bradley."

"Roni," Jed sounded from the loveseat on the other side of the room. "Your mother and I can watch Dorian. You should go, get out of here for a while. Have some fun."


"Go, Roni." Jed said as he stood up and walked over to her. "Go. Dorian will be fine without you for a few hours. Go."

Roni looked up at her father, incredulously for a long time, then gave in to defeat, "Fine. Let's go, Bradley."



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