Struggling Onward

by AJ

Notes: Thanks to DC for sending me my own story. hehe.

"Roni" Zoey said as she tapped her sister's shoulder.

Roni lifted her head slightly away from the plastic crib Dorian rested in.

"You're awake," Zoey pointed out, somewhat surprised.

"I didn't even know I was alive," Came Roni's response.


"What are you doing here Zoey? You never liked Dorian, because he's Lydia's and Lydia was competition for you. So why are you here?"

"That's not true." Zoey defended. "You're my sister, Buster Brown's my nephew. True, I may never have warmed up to Lydia while she was alive, but I didn't hate her, and I don't hate Dorian. I love you, and you know it Roni."

"Do I? Do I know anything?" Roni questioned. "I always thought that if I believed, God would be there. He'd fix things. Make 'em right. He's not doing His job, Zo. Why isn't He doing His job?" Roni's tears crept out of her eyes. "Why isn't He making Dorian better? Why is He making him worse?"

Right away, Roni sensed Zoey's hesitation to answer the questions she just presented her older sister. Roni used this time to briefly stare up at Zoey. Roni's eyes were so blood shot, and dark rings were forming around them from the lack of sleep.

In that brief moment, Zoey caught a glimpse of the turmoil running through Roni. All of a sudden, Zoey began to tremble. She immediately was able to place that look in Roni's eyes. It was the same look Zoey saw the last time she had seen her sister before she tried to kill herself.

As Zoey was about to speak up, she finally noticed the presence of Brad silently sitting in the corner, with much of the same thoughts brewing on his mind.

Brad noticed Zoey looking at him, and gave off a weak smile as he followed Zoey's glance back to Roni.

Once Zoey left the nursery, Brad stood up, and walked over to Roni.

Or was it Roni . . ?

Everything about her seemed to be changing...

Why . . ?

Because Dorian was sick? Because she caused Jed to have to have his knee wrapped up?

Why . . ? What was it exactly that was causing this sudden change of behavior?

Finally arriving near Roni, Brad silently began to push Roni away from Dorian.

Snapping into reality, Roni noticed she was slowly being moved away from Dorian, which is exactly what she felt was happening. She was loosing Dorian in much of the same way that she lost Lydia.

"Brad . . ?" Roni questioned. "Where are we going?"

"It's bed time. I'm taking you back to the White House." Brad quietly responded, as he continued to push her.



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