Struggling Onward

by AJ

When Roni got home, it was still pretty early, and she was no where near being tired. So, she decided to roll through the halls of the White House.

As she kept a steady pace, so did her mind. She felt so guilty for hurting Jed. And even more guilty for Dorian getting sick; for she managed to convince herself that he must have picked the bug up from her somehow.

Wondering the halls, Roni realized that her behavior of late had been scaring all of the people around her. And she had been able to deduce that the reason for that, was because they thought she would attempt suicide again. And they were right. She wanted to commit suicide. She wanted to, but she couldn't. She had a life now, with more responsibility. She couldn't abandon that responsibility. She couldn't abandon Dorian, or anyone else in her family. She had done so much growing in the past 9 months. She had come so far from when she was paralyzed. She refused to throw it all away so foolishly.

"Sam?" Roni sounded, waking the young deputy communications director up.

"Huh?" His head shot up, with a piece of paper attached to the side. "Hey Roni." He said, as he began to recognize the figure in front of her.

"Sam, it's 9 o'clock. Don't you ever go home?"

"It's 9 already?"



"Say, you gonna get out of here now, or go back to sleep?"

"I don't know. Why?" Sam asked, as he stretched.

"Do me a favor?"

"Roni, this is me. You never have to ask." Sam smiled.


"Yeah, hey, just like, drop me off right here, if you would." Roni pointed to a small cafe.

"You're sure?"

"Yeah." Roni opened the car door and dug her chair out. "Thanks."

"Want me to stay here with you... and take you back later?"

"No, I can manage." Roni climbed into her chair. "Hasta."

As Sam pulled off, Roni stayed where she was and waved. Then, she turned around and went in the opposite direction of the cafe.

A few minutes later, somehow, she found herself outside of a small convenient store, waiting for a short fat man to come out. For reasons beyond her, she had managed to persuade this man to buy her a bottle of Jack Daniels. Eventually, he exited, and traded the liquor for money. Then, she was on her way. Her final destination... oblivion.



Struggling Onward - 8


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