Struggling Onward

by AJ

Once in the residence area of the White House, Brad pushed Roni to her room, moved her onto her bed, and hid her wheelchair from her. Well, he didn't actually hide it; he gave it to Jed, who stashed it in his bedroom. He also gave to Jed the bottle of Jack Daniels as he explained where and how he found Roni.

The next afternoon, when Roni woke up, she immediately grabbed for her aching head.

"Oy." She muttered as she turned herself around in her bed. Once fully over, something, or someone caught her attention. "Zoey, what are you doing in here?" Roni asked softly. "Better yet, what is Dorian doing here?" Roni asked, whipping the sleep out of her eyes as she struggled to concentrate on Zoey and Dorian.

"Had you been here last night-" Zoey started out loudly.

"Can you lower your voice?" Roni grabbed her head again as she flinched from the noise.

"No, I won't. Now, as I was saying. Had you been here last night, instead of out getting drunk, you would know that Dorian's fever went down, for he really did only have a cold. So, earlier this afternoon, they released him."

"Sitting herself up, Roni further observed her settings. "How'd I get here?"

"Brad found you, and brought you back."

"Brad..." Roni muttered, snapping her eyes shut, and covering her face with her pillow. When she removed the pillow, she reached out for the phone and dialed his number. "Brad?" She questioned, and immediately heard a dial tone.

Staring at the phone, she pressed the hang up button. When she let go of it, her finger hovered over the redial button for a good bit before pressing it down.

"Brad, don't hang up." She said before he could hay hello. "I'm sorry, Brad. For whatever I said or did last night. I'm sorry."

"That's not good enough this time, Roni." Brad's voice cracked. "You can't apologize your way out of it this time. I'm sick and tired of these games you play. No more, Roni. No more. Other than when you start work in two weeks, and around campus, I don't want to ever see you again."

"What are you saying, Brad?" Roni asked, seeking clarification, so she could be positive that her life was really falling apart at the seams.

"I'm saying we are done, Roni. It's over. We're through." Brad's pain filled voice came over right before the dial tone did.




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