When Charlie got the First Family's estimated time of arrival to the party, he moved inside and instructed everyone to be quiet, as the lights were turned off. None of them having a clue what Roni had done. Except Sam, who found the entire situation very comical.

Jed and Abbey walked arm in arm, as did Roni and Brad. Zoey just trailed in between the two couples. As the five people entered the big ball room, everyone yelled at Roni, "Surprise!"

Roni tried to act surprised, but it didn't work. Everyone knew from her response that she had known of the surprise, even Abbey. "How'd you find out?"

"Find out what, mom?"

"You know what. Who told?"

"No one told. Now I have a surprise for you and dad."

"What are you talking about, Roni?" Jed questioned his youngest daughter, who walked over to Sam and whispered something in his ear.

"You two ready for your surprise?" Roni asked her parents, who weren't sure how to respond. "Hit it, Sam." Sam walked over and pulled a cord, unleashing a new sign, over the one that read 'Happy Birthday Roni'. The new one reading, 'I love you, Mom and Dad!'

"What's with this?" Both Jed and Abbey asked in unison.

"Well, I found out about your surprise party for me. And don't worry, no one told me about it, I just knew. Anyway, I found out about all the hard work you two were putting into this surprise, and I didn't want it to go to waste. So, I decided to switch the theme of the party."

"The new theme being?…" Jed pried.

"The new theme being that I love the two of you. You guys have really been here for me the past few months, through thick and thin. I just wanted a chance to tell you how much I appreciated it."

Jed and Abbey both made their way to Roni and hugged her. After all the guests stopped clapping from Roni's speech, and her actions, Roni pulled away from the hug. "I'm not done."

"What else?" Abbey asked with a tear in her eye.

Roni went over to Sam and got the bag that held the box inside of it. As she walked back over to her parents, she took the box out of the bag. "This is for you."

Abbey motioned for Jed to take the box, as she was too filled with emotions to handle it. Jed carefully unwrapped and opened the box. Taking one glance inside the box, he passed it on to Zoey as his arms made their way around Roni once again. While the two were hugging, Zoey picked the item out of the box. First she showed it to her mother, who immediately began to cry even more. Then to everyone else, as Abbey proceeded to hug her daughter again, as well.

"I found this, earlier." Roni said as she managed to break from the second hug. "I was going through some old stuff, and I came across this." She held up the little plaster circle that held her little five-year-old handprints. "I saw it, and I knew I had to give it to you. Along with something else."

"I don't think I can take much more, Roni." Abbey said as the room of people laughed.

"Well, this is one of my last surprises for you." Sam handed another item to Roni. A book. "The two of you missed my first seventeen years in life. It wasn't your fault, but still, you missed them. You didn't get to hold me the day I was born, I don't think. You didn't get to hear me say my first words, or see me take my first steps. You missed all of that. This is a photo album. All the pictures I could find of myself are in there. Starting from the one the nurses took of me the day I was born, to when I got my first haircut, my first day of school, my first time riding a bike, successfully that is." Roni paused as she glanced at Jed as she tried to stifle her smile. "I hand you my childhood. " Roni handed the book over to her parents. The guests immediately started to clap again at the warm display of emotions before them.


Surprises - 9


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