Title: The Great Outdoors
Author: AJ
Rating: R, I suppose... Language. Nothin' else. I promise. O:)
Disclaimers: Not mine. Don't sue. I have nothing. Not even a computer...
Notes: Thanks to Janie, Katie, and Jenn for being sounding boards. And to my wonderful, one of a kind sistah, DC! She's fabulous. Couldn't function without her! Well, I could, but I'd sound like an idiot.
Spoilers: Bits and pieces of everything, I suppose.
Summary: The gang goes camping...

"Sam!" Josh shouted, his right hand tapping the frame of Sam's office door as he ran inside, only to find it empty. "Sam!" Josh shouted again.

"He's not here," Cathy informed Josh casually, as she stayed seated behind her desk.

"Where is he?" Josh lowered his voice as he walked out of Sam's office and into the communications bullpen.

"He's in his meeting on the hill," Cathy looked up at Josh. "Why?"

"Uh, no reason," Josh said, a slight tone of disappointment appearing in his voice. "I was just wondering what he's doing this weekend."

"Nothing that I know of," Cathy answered.

Josh nodded slowly as he began to tap his fingers against Cathy's desk. "When's he coming back?"

"He'll be back a little after three."

"What time is it now?"

"A little after two."

"How do you know?" Josh asked. "You didn't even look at your clock."

"Didn't need to," She replied quickly.

"Why's that?"

"I have a special talent," Cathy informed him.

"Really?" Josh asked. Cathy nodded, but said nothing.

Josh stood there a minute longer, seeming absolutely intrigued. Then he gave his head a slight shake and said, "Tell Sam I came by."

"Okay," Cathy watched as Josh walked back to his office.

"You are so bad," Ginger said from her desk.

"What?" Cathy smirked, swinging her chair around so she could see her co-worker.

"You do not have a special talent," Ginger accused. "The reason you knew what time it was, was because I had just informed you before Josh came storming in."

"Yeah," Cathy grinned. "But Josh doesn't know that."

"You are so bad."

"I'm just having a little fun," She smiled innocently.

"Just watch," Ginger warned. "This is somehow going to come back around to bite you in the ass."

"Because Josh thinks I have a special talent?"


"Okay," Cathy said, her voice clearly communicating that she didn't really care.

"You just wait," Ginger added as Cathy moved her chair back around to face her desk. Once back around, Cathy rolled her eyes. "I saw that!" Ginger proclaimed.

"Saw what?"

"You rolling your eyes at me."

"Okay," Cathy didn't take the bait.


"Son of a..." Sam said in a low, angry voice as he stomped toward his office. "Cathy!" He yelled as he flung his office door open and proceeded to his desk. "Cathy!" He yelled again as he sat down at his desk.

"What?" she asked from her desk.

"Get me... get me..." He trailed off as he raised a hand to his mouth and bit his thumbnail.

"Get you what?"

"Damnit," Sam cursed again, moving his hand away from his mouth and slapping it back on the desk.

"Sam?" Cathy asked, entering his office.

"We just lost our support for the thing," Sam pressed his lips together tightly.

Cathy nodded, "I'll have Margaret tell Leo."

"Thanks," Sam said, his voice still showing his anger.

"No problem," she turned to leave, then turned back around. "Oh yeah. Josh came by earlier. He wants to know what you're doing this weekend."

At that, Sam forgot his problems momentarily and smiled up at his assistant. "I'm going camping this weekend."

"Yeah?" Cathy asked, showing fake interest.

"Yes," He grinned. "Ainsley and I are going camping."

"You're going camping? With Ainsley?"

"She said she loves the outdoors," Sam explained.

"So you're going camping with her?"




"Okay," Cathy said once more before leaving Sam's office and going back to her desk.

The Great Outdoors - 2


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