The Great Outdoors


"CJ." Donna exclaimed as she walked up to the taller woman.

CJ looked up from where she was sitting outside the tent and blinked. "Yeah, Donna?" She asked.

"Let's go for a walk." Donna insisted.

CJ frowned and looked around before looking back at Donna. "Why?" She asked.

Donna sighed. "Because I want to walk. I want to stretch my legs. Smell the roses and such." She explained. "I would have done it yesterday but the boys were being way too loud out there on the trail."

"You mean Sam and Josh were." Toby called from his fold-up chair by the guy's tent.

"Yeah, whatever." Donna called back. "Come on, CJ. We can go explore. You wanna come?"

"Sure." CJ consented. "Just let me go get my shoes."

Donna nodded and then sat down on a log. Josh, Sam and Ainsley were still fishing. Donna could only chuckle at the thought of the possibilities. Toby raised an eyebrow at her and then went back to reading "The Worst Case Scenario Survivor's Handbook". CJ returned and soon the two women were on their way.

"See, now this is a good reason to be out here. Nature, wildlife, all sorts of things to connect with." Donna exclaimed.

CJ frowned. "I think nature just connected with me. There's a rock in my shoe." She said with a wince.

Donna smirked and waited as CJ took off her shoe and searched for the rock. Donna glanced back the way they came and frowned. "Okay, I swear I just saw a bear." She exclaimed.

CJ threw the rock away and put her shoe back on. "There are no bears around here, I think."

Donna shook her head. "I am pretty sure that I saw a bear." She exclaimed.

"Oh, it wasn't a bear." CJ said.

"Then what was it?" Donna countered.

"I don't know, but it wasn't a bear." CJ retorted as they both headed back down the path towards the campsite.

"Yes, it was." Donna insisted. "I know a bear when I--" Donna stopped, and so did CJ at the sight they saw.

"Ok, so maybe you were right." CJ said as she gazed at the bear that was slowly forcing Toby against a tree.

"Okay, Toby, don't move!" Donna called.

"Why not? She's coming after me!" Toby snapped. "She's not a t-rex, Donna. It's not like she only detects movement."

"You're moving. Just stay still or he'll get you!" Donna called.

"She'll "get" me? What is this, third grade? Help!" Toby snapped.

"Do you have any food on you? That's probably what he wants." CJ called.

Toby shook his head and pointed at the food that was next to the burnt out campfire. "It's all over there." He said, keeping his gaze on the bear, never looking away.

"So give it to him!" Donna said.

"It's *OVER THERE*!" Toby emphasized loudly. The bear growled. Toby winced and jumped backwards.

"Fine." Donna exclaimed as she tried to think. "Okay, I'm gonna try this."

"Are you nuts?" CJ asked.

"Funny, Josh asks me that all the time." Donna retorted as she slowly moved around the bear towards the food. "CJ, make a distraction."

"You are nuts. I'm not going to--" CJ started.

"CJ, do you want to see this bear eviscerate me in front of you?" Toby yelled. CJ thought about it. "CJ!"

"Okay! Okay! What do I do?" She asked.

"Make a lot of noise!" Donna suggested as she reached the food.

"Do something!!" Toby screeched.

CJ sighed and looked around. Then she grabbed two sticks and began to bang them together. The bear glanced at her, then at Toby and then finally at Donna.

"Uh, it doesn't seem to be working." CJ murmured. Suddenly the bear turned and began moving towards her. "Uh, Donna! Toby!"

"I'm working on it." Donna called and threw some food at the bear.

He turned to eat the food and then followed the trail that she formed, throwing food into the woods. When it was all gone, so was the bear.

Toby let out a loud sigh and collapsed against the tree. CJ fell where she stood and so did Donna.

Josh, Sam and Ainsley came trudging in from the woods and found them that way.

Josh raised an eyebrow. "So, anything interesting happen while we were gone?"

Part 19


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