The Great Outdoors
by AJ

Ainsley smiled as she watched Josh come out of the tent the next morning and stretch with a slight growl to his voice. "Morning." She said quietly.

"Good morning," Josh said, before letting out one more growl before sitting down.

"Have a nice sleep?"

"Actually, yes," Josh smiled. "I think I'm finally getting used to sleeping on the ground."

"Well," Ainsley smirked. "Just in time, too. Seeing as how we're leaving today."

Josh chuckled a little, "Yeah... So where is everyone?"

"Donna and CJ are by the lake, washing some things in the water. Toby is `supervising' them. And Sam is still sleeping."

Josh looked at Ainsley in confusion, "No he isn't."

"He isn't?" Ainsley furrowed her eyebrows.

"No... I was just in there, and no one else is in there."

"I wonder where he is..." Ainsley began to look around.

Josh yawned, "I'll go ask Toby, Donna and CJ if they know where he is."

"Who?" CJ asked, appearing at the campsite just then.

"Sam..." Ainsley and Josh both said.

"He went to get something from the woods."

"Oh?" Ainsley asked, half relieved, half curious.

"Yeah. He wouldn't tell us what. But he said he'd be right back."

"How long ago was that?"

"Um," CJ thought about it. "Maybe thirty minutes ago." She picked up one of the coolers. "I'm going to go wash this..."

"Okay," Josh said, no longer paying attention to what she said. "I'm going to go look for him," Josh said to Ainsley, as CJ was now no longer there.



"You got lost the other day. What makes you think you'll be able to go in there and find him?"

"Ha. Ha. Funny, Ainsley."

"I'm being serious, Josh."

"Serious about what?" Came a third voice, belonging to none other than Sam.

Josh turned and gripped Sam's shoulder. "Sam."


"Don't do that again."

Sam smirked, "You bet. So what are you serious about, Ainsley?"

"Josh thought you were lost. He was going to go look for you..."

"But Josh got lost the other day..."

"Exactly my point," Ainsley said.

Josh cleared his throat, "You know, I *am* standing here. You two don't have to talk as if I'm not."

Sam smirked and looked at Josh, "Why, do you feel ignored?"

"Absolutely," he answered immediately.

"Eh, well. You'll get over it." Sam said and then walked to the tent. "When are we leaving, do either of you know?"

"Well, the other three are washing the cooler and other stuff..." Ainsley answered. "And I'm pretty sure that they are all packed up as well."

"Okay," Sam went into the tent and packed his things up quickly, just shoving his things into his duffle bag that he brought with him.

"I'm already packed too," Josh said, just in case either one of them cared.

Ainsley yawned and stood up. "I guess then, that I could pack my stuff up as well." She moved into the girls' tent and neatly packed her things up.

"Okay," Sam said, as he came out of the guys' tent holding his duffle bag and Josh's. He set them down on the ground and then went back for Toby's bag. Once he made sure the inside was empty he looked to Josh, "Help me take this down."

"It took us long enough to figure out how to put it up... And now you want to take it down?"

"We're not leaving it here, Josh," Sam gave him a look. "So help me take it down."

"Fine," Josh moved over and gave the assistance that was asked for.

The Great Outdoors - 21


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