The Great Outdoors
by AJ

"Finally," CJ rested her feet up on the top of her desk and relaxed in her chair. It was the end of the business day and there was an early lid on the press.

"I know what you mean," Josh said, coming into her office. He sat down on her couch and loosened his tie.

CJ looked over at Josh, "I have to admit, I had a lot of fun camping, despite falling in the lake, and all that other stuff."

"Yeah," Josh said with a soft smile. "I had fun too, even though I got lost, didn't catch any fish, and got pushed in the lake."

"You deserved it Josh." CJ said quickly. "The lake thing, I mean."

"Yes," Donna came into CJ's office and sat at the other end of the couch from Josh. "You deserved it, and so did Sam."

"What did I deserve?" Sam asked, coming into CJ's office.

"Being pushed into the lake," CJ answered.

"Oh." Sam leaned against the wall.

"Yeah," CJ and Donna smiled.

"CJ-" Toby entered CJ's office and was about to say something work related when he found it filled with his coworkers.

"What, Toby?" CJ asked.

"What's going on in here?" Toby asked.

"I think we're having a meeting." Donna answered.

"We are?" Josh asked.

"Well, we're all in here. The only one missing is Ainsley."

"Ainsley," CJ said quietly. She looked lost in space for a moment before looking up at everyone. "You know, Ainsley seems to be the only one that nothing happened to... Toby and the bear. Josh got lost. Sam got poison ivy. Me, Sam, and Josh and the lake. Sam and the hat."

"What about Donna?" Josh asked.

"Donna got scared by a ghost story," Donna said, giving Sam an icy look.

"Nothing happened to Ainsley, though," CJ summed up.

"What are you saying?" Sam asked, swallowing hard from the look Donna just gave him.

"I don't know... I say we do something to her though... just so she's not left out..."

"Like what?" Toby asked.

CJ smirked, as did Josh when he got the same exact idea that CJ had... ~~~ "Ainsley," CJ said into her telephone. "Can you come up to my office for a moment?"

"Sure," Ainsley answered. "I'll be right up." She hung up the phone, grabbed a donut off of her desk, and headed up to CJ's office. When she got there, Carol was gone and the door was shut, so she knocked. "CJ?"

"Come in," CJ called.

Ainsley took another bite of her donut and then opened the door to CJ's office. Upon doing so, a bucket of water tipped over, soaking her and her donut.

"Perfect!" Sam shouted with a smirk on his face. He was standing right behind CJ's desk holding a video camera.

Ainsley looked up at everyone in the office, "What's going on?"

"Payback." CJ answered.

"Payback?" Ainsley asked confused.

"Yes," Donna answered. "We realized that nothing bad happened to you on our camping trip, but something did happen to everyone else, so this is our payback, whether you had anything to do with our accidents or not."

"I didn't!" She protested and looked down at her soggy donut. She sighed and tossed it into the trashcan.

"We never said you did," Josh spoke up. "We're saying something happened to the rest of us, and we just wanted to make sure something happened to you, too."

"We wouldn't want you to feel left out or anything," Sam smirked.

"Sam." Ainsley said.


"Shut up."

"Okay," he said quickly as he set the video camera down.

The End.


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