The Great Outdoors
by AJ

"What are you bringing?" CJ asked Donna as they sat in CJ's office chatting.

"Sam is bringing a tent for the guys, and I'm bringing one for the girls." Donna informed her.

"What about food?" CJ asked.

"You and Ainsley get to bring the food," Donna said as she sat further back into CJ's couch.

"Josh is bringing all of the other stuff? The gas grill and the cooking utensils and stuff?"

"Yeah," Donna nodded. "And Toby's bringing... the emergency equipment I believe. Flashlights. First aid kit. Radio. Stuff like that."

"Which means I have a lot of shopping to do," CJ said.


"In order to get Toby to go, I had to agree to buy his supplies for him," CJ rubbed the back of her neck.

"You know, I'm rather curious as to how you got Toby to agree. I mean, everyone knows that he hates the outdoors."

"I used blackmail," CJ answered honestly, then paused. "What kind of tent is it you're bringing?"

"One of the easy setup ones," Donna replied.

"Good," CJ smiled.

"I've had it for a while," Donna explained. "I got it back when I was a girl scout."

"You were in the girl scouts?" CJ asked, as she picked her head up slightly to look at the blonde sitting next to her on her couch.

"Yes I was," Donna answered.

"So was I," CJ said with a grin.

"You think any of the guys were boy scouts?" Donna asked.

"I know Sam never was," she answered.

"And I don't think Josh was. In fact, I'm pretty sure of it," Donna said. "Toby... Nah, he hates the nature," Donna said after a pause. CJ showed no change in facial expressions to even hint to the fact that Donna was wrong.

"What kind of clothes are you bringing?" CJ asked. "Shorts or pants or what?"

"I'm bringing a mixture of both."

"Yeah, that probably is the smart thing to do. But you know the guys are going to complain... They'll say we packed too much."

"And when all they have are shorts and it's forty degrees outside, then we can rub it in their faces," Donna smiled sweetly and waved to Ainsley as the third woman entered the office.

CJ laughed, "This is going to be fun. I haven't been camping in a couple of years."

"I go camping at least once a year," Ainsley informed the two of them, now leaning against CJ's desk.


"Yes," she nodded. "I go home to North Carolina and my dad and I go camping. It's a tradition."

"That's great," Donna smiled.

"Yeah... My dad and I never did much of anything like that. And he's too old to start now," CJ said.

"My dad was always too busy," Donna responded.

"Yeah, I guess I'm lucky that way. My dad and I are really close," Ainsley said with a soft smile.

CJ and Donna both nodded, before CJ looked down at her watch. "Whoa, it's already five."

"Aren't we leaving work at five thirty?" Donna asked.

"Yes," Ainsley answered. "And then we're leaving for the camp site at seven."

"I guess we should get back to work then... For the little bit of time that we have left."

"Yeah," the two other ladies said in agreement.

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