The Great Outdoors
by AJ

"Sam," CJ nudged the sleeping man sitting next to her, trapping her in the very back seat of the Suburban.

"Hmm?" Sam stirred slightly and reached a hand up to wipe the drool that was slowly going down his chin.

"Sam," she nudged him again.

"Yeah?" his voice was sleepy and gave no indication of whether or not he was still asleep or awake.

"We're here," CJ said.

"Okay," Sam turned in his seat and rested his head against the window.

"Sam," CJ nudged him a third time.

"Huh?" Sam asked, finally waking up and picking his head up.

"We're here."

"Right," Sam rubbed his eyes and stretched his legs out.

"So you could get out now, so that I can get out now," CJ informed him.

"Oh. Right. Sorry," he smiled tiredly and then slowly climbed out of the vehicle and did a full body stretch once he got out. When he finished stretching, he looked around at the landscape before him. It was perfect for camping. "Wow," he said in a soft and quiet voice. "This is beautiful."

"Yeah," CJ climbed out of the Chevy Suburban and stood next to him.

Sam took a deep breath and then looked around some more. The two tents had been pulled out from the bottom of the stack of things in the rear of the car and placed on the ground, waiting to be set up so that the rest of the items could be removed and set up.

Josh stood over by the guys' tent and was looking down at it. He then looked over at Sam, "Hey, come help me put this up."

"Yeah, okay," Sam yawned and then moved toward his friend.

"CJ," Ainsley called the tall press secretary.

"Yes?" CJ asked, walking over to Ainsley and Donna who both stood near the girls' tent.

"Help us put this up," Donna spoke.

"If you want, we'll put it up for you after we're done with ours," Josh said,
taking the guys' tent out of the box it was kept in.

"Oh gee. Would you?" Donna smiled in a sarcastic way.

"We actually don't need your help," CJ said.

"In fact," Donna continued. "When we're done with our tent, we'll help you." She smiled sweetly at him.

"Are you trying to imply that we wouldn't know how to set a tent up?" Sam asked.

"Yes, yes we are. Are you implying that because we are women, we do not know how to set a tent up?"

"No," Sam said quickly. "He is, not me."

"Thanks, Sam," Josh said in a sarcastic tone.

"Anytime, man."

"So is this a challenge then?" Josh asked all three women.

"Challenge? No. That's no fun. We'll make it a bet," Donna grinned.

"A bet?"

"Yes. The fist one with the tent up..." Donna started.

"Correctly," Ainsley added.

"Will..." Donna paused.

"The ones who loose the bet have to do the cooking tomorrow. And wash the dishes," CJ added with a smile.

"Deal," Josh said.

"Hey, where's Toby?" Sam asked.

"Right here, Princeton," Toby said as he walked up behind Sam quietly.

"God Toby," Sam spun around. "Don't do that to me."

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing. Help us with the tent," Sam narrowed his eyes at Toby. ~~~ "Oh boys," CJ called with a huge smirk on her face.

"No. It goes over there," Sam said to Josh before answering CJ, "What?"

"We're all done, how about you?"

"What?!" Josh dropped his end of the pole that he and Sam were trying to make
stand up.

"Josh!" Toby hissed.

"They're finished!" Josh said in surprise. "How can you have finished before us?"

"We're women," Donna winked at Josh.

"We know how to put a tent together," CJ finished.

"Well," Toby looked at them. "Congratulations. You won that silly bet. Now get over here and help us with the tent."

"What's the magic word, Toby?"

"CJ," Toby gave her a look.

"Okay, okay. Gee, some people. They just don't know how to have any fun," CJ stuck her tongue out at Toby before she joined Ainsley and Donna over at the guys' tent to help them set it up. And within minutes, it was up, correctly.

The Great Outdoors - 9


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