To Tell a Tale

by AJ

Thanks to Rhiannon for letting me borrow the Mad Hatter, if only for a moment.

It was at that moment that Jed chose to enter the dining room. Abbey's eyes immediately picked up at the figure moving to sit down.

"Jed." She acknowledged, letting the anger in her voice stand out.

"Abbey." He said with the same tone of voice.

"How the hell could you do this to me? I screwed myself professionally, by lying to the world. And you choose that moment to tell them the truth? Why?"

"I don't need you solving my problems. Nor do I need you to lie for me."


"It's over with. Let's drop it."

"No, I will not drop it. You totally screwed me. I understand that I deserve to be in the dog house for what I did to you. But I fixed it, then you screwed me."

"Yes, yes I did."

"What the- Why?"

"Because I felt like it. That's why."

"Jed..." Abbey let the full force of her anger and her hurt filter into her voice. "I screwed up and caused you a problem... Worse still, I hurt you. I betrayed your confidence... and I lost a great deal of the trust that you had in me." Abbey looked at him with lightening in her eyes, "And... I shot myself in the foot trying to make amends for it. I have lost all credibility in the public's eye... not to mention my friends... But I was willing to deal with that, as long as I could fix this thing."

Jed looked up at her with an unrecognizable look in his eyes; He said nothing. He made no movement.

Abbey look a shaky breath, "And... and then you turn around and do this. You did this to hurt me." She swallowed hard, "Well, congratulations Josiah. You always succeed when you put your mind to something, don't you? Because if you were looking to punish me by hurting me... you damn well succeeded. I hope it makes you feel better." Abbey threw the newspaper on the floor and fled the room, tears in her eyes.

Jed looked after for a moment. He let out a defeated breath and buried his face in his hands.


To Tell A Tale - 7


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