To Tell a Tale

by AJ

"Leo, I want him fired!"

"We're taking care of it right now, Mr. President."

"The secret service agent right out my bedroom door, Leo!"

"Yes, Sir."

"He let himself be bribed! Information on my life! And for what?!"

"A hell of a lot of money, sir."

"I'm going to kill him. No one messes with my wife like this. No one!"

"No one except for you?" Abbey's extremely upset voice came from the door of the Oval.

"Abbey," Leo nodded as he quickly retreated.

"Why is it that no one else can mess with me, but you can?"


"You're my husband, Jed. My husband. You're supposed to protect me when I need protection. Help me when I need help. Love me above all else."

"I do love you, Abbey."

"Then act like it, damnit! Act like it." Abbey moved further into the office and threw her jacket down on the couch. "I screwed up, Jed. I admitted that. And I apologized to you. I was even willing to hurt myself professionally to fix it all. In fact, I did. Yet you did all you could do to hurt me. You brought up that twenty year old incident, you put out that statement. And now you try to make it up to me by handling that agent?"

"Abbey, I..."

"Don't talk to me, I'm mad at you."

Without a word, Jed crossed his office and placed his hands on her shoulders. Gently massaging them, he spoke with a soft voice. "I'm sorry. I acted like a Jaskass. I hurt you when I should have forgiven you. I turned on you in your moment of weakness. For that, I am truly sorry." Jed moved around to the other side of the couch and sat down next to his wife, taking her hands into his. "I love you, Abbey. You know I do, and you know I'm sorry." Jed raised her hands to his lips and kissed them.

"I don't know anything." She said, as she took her hands from him, got up and left his office.


To Tell A Tale - 9


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