[Jed looks around the room and sees some fish he is certain that he hasn't seen before.]

JED When'd you get these?

RONI What? The fish?

JED Yeah.

RONI The movers got here earlier this morning with my stuff from California. Apparently my mom, I mean Mary, didn't want to have to keep my fish, so she sent them with the movers.

JED What kind are these?

RONI Those are beta fish. This one here is named Buster. And this one is Stinker.

JED Buster and Stinker. Did Andrew come up with those names?

RONI No, I did.

JED Oh. What about these ones? What are their names?

RONI Well the white coy fish is Casper. And the strange looking gold fish is French Fry.

JED French Fry. And I suppose you came up with that one too.

RONI What do you think, I'm crazy, my little brother, I mean Andrew named that one French Fry.

JED Buster, Stinker, Casper, and French Fry.

RONI Too many fish?

[Jed and Abbey are in the presidential bedroom, sitting on the couch.]

ABBEY She broke two of his ribs?!

JED And his left wrist.

ABBEY What happened?

JED I don't know. She won't tell me.

ABBEY So you want me to talk to her, don't you.

JED The thought did cross my mind. Just don't approach her as I did, cause I got no where fast.

ABBEY How did you approach her?

JED Well let's just say that it didn't exactly set the right kind of mood in which she felt comfortable telling me what happened, actually, telling me just about anything.

ABBEY You walked in yelling at her, didn't you?

JED Yes.

ABBEY Jed, you gotta remember, it wasn't us that raised her. We don't know what buttons to push yet, and how far to push. You shouldn't have....

JED Yes, I know, but the fact is that I did. I'm gonna go apologize later.

ABBEY How much later?

JED I was thinking in a few years.

ABBEY Seriously?

JED I don't know, I have to go meet with CJ now. Then I have an idea of one way to get the inside scoop, but I don't know if it's gonna work. So I probably won't get around to it for a little bit.

ABBEY If you want a moderator, I'm here.

JED I don't think it got that bad.

ABBEY Yeah, probably not, but I enjoy watching you try to apologize to anyone, let alone your own family.

JED I gotta go.

ABBEY Okay, I'll go talk to her now. I'll call you if she tells me anything.

JED Okay. I love you.

ABBEY I love you more.

[Jed and Abbey kiss, and then walk out of the bedroom, separating, Jed going towards CJ's office, and Abbey going towards Roni's bedroom. In CJ's office, CJ is frantically pacing the room, when Jed walks in.]

JED CJ, calm down, stop pacing the room, before maintenance has to come down here and replace the floor.

CJ Sorry, sir.

JED Listen, CJ. Roni won't tell me what happened last night, although she has assured me that it had nothing to do with a joke of any kind. She has agreed to apologize to President D'astier, but she refuses to do anything else.

CJ Sir....

JED Yeah, I know CJ. I had this conversation with her. She won't talk, and nothing I was saying seemed to matter. I'm sure you will do the best you can with the press, even though you don't have much to go on. Just out of curiosity, have you spoken to Phillipe D'astier about any of this? Perhaps he can shed some light on it.

CJ President D'astier is not letting anyone from the White House through to his hotel suite. He is very upset about this sir, he said he's not going to rest until your daughter pays for what she has done.

JED Okay, I'm gonna call him, see if he will talk to me, father to father, or at least President to President.

CJ Good bye, Mr. President.

JED Good bye, CJ.

[Jed turns around as to walk out of CJ's office, then stops, and turns around.]

JED Uh, CJ, I do have one question about this whole situation.

CJ Yes, sir?

JED Where the hell was the secret service, both Roni's detail, and Phillipe's detail when this happened? Why didn't they stop whatever was going on? And better yet, maybe they can clue us in on whatever did happen.

CJ Well sir, I haven't had time to go find them yet, but I was planning on doing that here shortly. Although I don't expect to get very far, secret service agents are not allowed to discuss whatever their protectees do, with anyone. If they do, their protectees won't trust them, and then their job is a whole lot harder.

JED Okay, well I'm gonna go call the president, and then I'm gonna talk to Butterfield, and order him to have the agents tell me what happened if they won't on their own.

[Abbey knocks on Roni's door, Roni opens it and lets her in. They sit down on Roni's bed.]

RONI He asked you to come and talk to me didn't he?


RONI So what's he want, you to tell me how sorry he is, or you to get me to tell you what happened?

ABBEY The second one. He's gonna take care of the first one himself.

RONI He's gonna apologize?

ABBEY Yeah. Hey, you mind if I'm around when he does so?

RONI You think it's funny too, don't you?


RONI The way he dances around when trying to apologize.

ABBEY Yeah, it's funny, a cute funny, but funny. So do you want to tell me about it?

RONI Not really.

ABBEY You know you can tell me anything. You can trust me, him, us.

RONI Yeah, I know. It's just I don't know how either of you would react to the news, and I don't really care to find out.

ABBEY Is it that bad?

RONI Yeah. Well, it definitely has the potential, which is why I just can't...

ABBEY It's okay. When you're ready, you'll come to us.

RONI Thanks for understanding.

ABBEY You think you can do me a favor?

RONI I suppose, depending on what it is.

ABBEY Can you cut him some slack? This is still very new to him, to me, it's a very weird adjustment to have to make, and you should know what I'm talking about. It's probably the weirdest for you.

RONI Yeah, I understand. And I guess I can cut him some slack.

ABBEY Thanks.

RONI Abbey.


RONI It's just that he showed a momentary, temporary, lack of self-control, in which I felt it necessary to reward the way I did. That's all. That's all I can tell you, if I say anything more, I will be giving it away, and that's not what I want.





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