[Butterfield and two other secret service agents are waiting outside of the Oval Office when Mrs. Landingham comes out of the office and ushers them into it, where they find the president sitting on one of the couches.]

JED Butterfield, Johnson, Rivers, have a seat. Now, as you all are aware, last night, there was a situation with my daughter Roni, and the son of President D'astier, Phillipe. Phillipe is saying one thing, where as my daughter refuses to say anything other than Phillipe is lying. I was wondering, more then wondering, hoping, expecting, that you could tell me what happened.

BUTTERFIELD Mr. President, as you are aware...

JED Yes, I know, secret service agents are not allowed to indulge in what goes on with their protectee's life, but I assure you Ron, this is more important than just public relations. We are talking about the relationship of two countries. Johnson, I'm sorry, I've forgotten your first name.

JOHNSON Bobbie, or Roberta.

JED Right, Bobbie, you are the head of Roni's detail. Can you tell me what happened last night?

[Johnson looks towards Butterfield to get the okay, and she gets it.]

JOHNSON Well sir, I really can't tell you much. They were walking around the Potomac, when they decided to stop and sit down near the water. Roni then gave me a signal telling me to back off as far away as I could. I respected her wishes, and took Doug here with me. We were far enough away to where it was impossible to hear what was being said, but close enough to be able to tell what was going on and jump in once we realized what has going on.

JED I'm confused, what was going on? You don't sound as if you are only talking about Roni beating Phillipe up.

JOHNSON That's because that is not what happened, sir. From where we were, it looked as if Phillipe was trying to...to...how do I say this, help me out here Doug.

RIVERS What Bobbie is trying to say, sir, is that from where we were, it looked as if Mr. D'astier tried to rape Roni.


JOHNSON Yes, sir, thank you Doug. From where we were, it looked as if Mr. D'astier was trying to rape your daughter. I wish we weren't the ones to have to tell you this.

JED I don't care who tells me, just tell me.

JOHNSON Well sir, Rivers and I, observing what we thought was a rape, ran towards them until your daughter gave me another signal that we worked out, telling me not to interfere, that she would handle it. Respecting her wishes once again, Rivers and I began backing up, not taking our eyes off of what was going on. From there, it all happened so fast that I don't remember the exact details of what happened. What I do remember is the two standing up and arguing very loudly. Mr. D'astier grabbed at Roni, and she responded by defending herself. At that point, Rivers and I could no longer ignore what has happening, and we ran over and pulled the two apart. Rivers, being in charge of Mr. D'astier's security, pulled him away and took him to the hospital, once he observed the weakened young man's condition was more serious than first perceived. I took Roni, and got her back here. She begged me to keep quiet. Knowing that I would have to fill out a report, I could not, or would not, agree to her demands, and she understood. Anyway, sir, that is all I know.

JED Doug, do you have anything to add? Did the president's son say anything to you at all?

RIVERS Sir, he did say something, but I assure you that I have no clue what it was that he said, for he was speaking in French, a language that I am not fluent in.

JED Okay. I thank all of you. And ask you to not repeat anything said or heard in this office to anyone, unless I ask you to do so.

JOHNSON and RIVERS Yes, sir, of course sir.

JED Thank you Ron, I really appreciate it, you really saved me, and this countries relations with France.


JED Doug, it was a pleasure meeting you. Bobbie, it was nice to see you again. You may all go now.

[Butterfield, Johnson, and Rivers all leave, as Mrs. Landingham comes.]

MRS. LANDINGHAM Mr. President, your wife is on the telephone.

JED Okay. Thanks, Mrs. Landingham.

[Mrs. Landingham leaves, as Jed picks up the telephone, and we hear Abbey's voice over the phone.]

JED Abbey, did she talk to you?

ABBEY All she said is that he had a momentary, temporary, lack of self-control in which she felt it necessary to reward him the way she did.

JED I'll say.

ABBEY What do you mean?

JED I know what happened.


JED She told me.

ABBEY Yeah right, seriously, how do you know?

JED You don't think she would tell me?

ABBEY Jed, I just left her room, there is absolutely no way you could have already talked to her.

JED Okay, Okay. I dragged it out of the secret service.

ABBEY Now you've gotten me curious. I'll bite, what happened?

JED I've gotten you curious?

ABBEY Yeah, what'd you expect?

JED I don't know. So, you sittin' down?


JED He tried to rape her, she turned off his advances, but then he grabbed at her one to many times, and she did her stuff.

ABBEY Did you just say...?

JED Rape? Yeah.

[Roni is laying on her bed, with her radio blasting on one of the local pop music stations. Jed opens the door and tries to get Roni's attention, but failed, so he shuts the door, goes to the radio and turns it down, finally getting Roni's attention.]

RONI Excuse you.

JED I'm sorry, I knocked, but you must not have heard me.

RONI What can I do for you?

JED Why didn't you tell me?

RONI Tell you what?

JED I know the truth. I know what happened.

RONI I told you nothing happened.


[Jed, realizing he just lost it, attempts to regain his composure.]

JED I wouldn't exactly call that nothing.

RONI I guess that's where you and I differ.




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