[Donna walks into Josh's office, attempting to locate him, with no luck, she then walks out, towards her desk, where she finds Josh sitting at her desk.]

DONNA What are you doing here? I was just looking for you.

JOSH Yeah, well I was looking for you, I was about to leave a message for you, but couldn't find a pen. Anyway, what's up, what do you want?

DONNA You have a staff meeting to go to right now.

JOSH No I don't. I looked at my schedule this morning, and there was no staff...

DONNA That's because it was just arranged a minute ago. It starts in four minutes, so you better start going over there.

JOSH Okay. I'm going. Hey, walk with me.

DONNA Why would I want to walk with you?

JOSH Cause I'm your boss and I asked you to, that and I need to talk to you about my chair.

DONNA What's wrong with your chair?

JOSH Your friend, was it Curtis? He didn't do a very good job fixing my chair, cause it's broken again.

DONNA Want me to have him fix it for you again? He could really use the work.

JOSH I'm beginning to understand why he needs the work.

DONNA What's that supposed to mean, Josh?

JOSH It's just that if he had done a good job with my chair the first time, which by the way, he did over charge me, then it wouldn't be broken now. No, I don't want you to have him fix my chair. I want you to order me a new chair. I've been looking through catalogs, and I finally picked out the one I want. I'll tell you which one after this meeting. Until my new chair gets here, I want you to switch me chairs, seeing how it is because of you and your friend that my chair, which I had grown quite fond of, is now broken. Gotta go.

[Josh speeds up walking past Donna.]

DONNA Wait, Josh. JOSH! I don't wanna give my chair up. JOSH! I like my chair.

[Josh enters the Oval Office, a few seconds later, Toby, Sam, and CJ enter. Jed, Leo, and Roni are already in, sitting on the couches, Roni sitting opposite from the two best friends.]

JED Good, you're all hear, now we can start the meeting.

JOSH Is this about last night, and the press situation this morning?

JED Yes Josh, that's exactly what it's about. Phillipe D'astier was lying when he spoke to the doctor. Now it took me some time, but I finally know exactly what happened, no thanks to my daughter.

RONI I already apologized, and explained that to you. You said you understood.

JED Yes, well I never agreed to let you live it down. Anyway, this is what happened. They were taking a walk around the Potomac, when they decided to stop and sit by the water and talk. Phillipe tried to rape Roni. After they both got up and verbally argued some, he grabbed at her and tried again, which is when she defended herself. At that point the secret service came and tore the two of them apart. That is what happened. Johnson and Rivers where both there, and are willing to make statements to this, if I ask them, but only if I ask them to do so. They did make out a report after last night, and I have gotten the proper permission to allow you to release it to the press, CJ. You think you can handle that, CJ, Toby?

CJ Yes, sir.

TOBY Mr. President, Phillipe D'astier is a big guy, Roni, here, is only 5'6", maybe 120 lbs. Phillipe is like a good 6 feet tall, 210 lbs. How exactly was she able to break two of his ribs and his left wrist?

RONI Well, Toby, do you want to find out first hand, or would you prefer an explanation?

TOBY An explanation will do.

RONI I am a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Doe. I've been studying this particular form since I was five years old. It is the only good thing my parents, well, my former parents, did for me that was to my benefit, as I was able to demonstrate last night.

JOSH You know, we should tell the press this, I'm sure no one would dare come after you again, not once they find out about this.

RONI Hahaha Josh, very funny.

JOSH I was being serious.

RONI Yeah, and then no guy would dare come near me again.

JED And the downside to this would be?

RONI So Sam, you're very quiet over there, what's up?

JED Hey, you're not allowed to change the subject. I'm the only one who can do that.

RONI Sam, what's up?

SAM Huh, oh, nothing.

RONI Don't give me that Sam. I am really good at reading faces, and yours is screaming that you have a secret that you should tell, but you don't want to.

SAM How'd you...

RONI See, you just admitted it. So what's the secret? Come on, help me out, I gotta get this spotlight off of me.

JED I hope you don't think it's that easy.

RONI Well, I am hoping it is this easy, and I'm willing to try it too. So Sam, what's up? You gonna tell me, help me out here? Would it help if I told you that you were always my favorite?

JOSH You told me I was your favorite!

RONI Sam, come on help me out here, you're only getting me in more trouble now.

SAM Am I really your favorite?

RONI If you can help me get out of trouble here, then yes, you will be my favorite.

SAM So what you're saying is that right now I'm not?

RONI I didn't say that, you did.

SAM What did you say then?

RONI Okay, I can't take this anymore. Everyone is ganging up on me.

CJ I'll help you out, after all, us females, we have to stick together.

RONI Thank you CJ.

CJ Hey, you think you could show me some of that karate?

RONI Tae Kwon Doe. You mean like a demonstration?

CJ Actually I was thinking of teaching me, cause it would come in real handy with the press and all, but now that you mention it, a demo probably would be better.

JOSH Ooh, a karate demo. Do you have a uniform? Cause we want the full affect.

RONI You guys are serious?

JED Yeah, but you can't do it in here, if you brake something, Mrs. Landingham will yell at me.

JOSH Hey, you think there's enough room in the mural room?

CJ Yeah, there probably is.

RONI The mural room?

JOSH Yeah, why not.




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