[Abbey is in her office reading some kind of paper, when Roni steps in.]

ABBEY I was just about to come looking for you.

RONI What'd I do?

ABBEY I just saw CJ's press briefing.

RONI Oh, that.

ABBEY And Jed told me earlier, when I called him. Why didn't you tell me?

RONI I already told you why I didn't tell you mom.

ABBEY Yeah, okay.

RONI Besides, it's not like I didn't give you enough of a clue.

ABBEY I suppose your right.

RONI So I came here to ask you if you were going to come...

ABBEY Wait, what did you just call me?

RONI It took you long enough.

ABBEY Did you just call me mom?

RONI Yeah, you got a problem with that, mom?

ABBEY No, no, I have no problems with you calling me mom.

RONI Cool.

ABBEY So you just woke up today and decided you were gonna call me mom?


ABBEY So something happened today?

RONI Yeah.

ABBEY And that would be....?

RONI Well, after our conversation earlier, I decided I was gonna start calling you mom and Jed, dad.

ABBEY After our conversation?

RONI Yeah.

ABBEY Does Jed know?

RONI Yeah, I called him dad earlier, right before he apologized to me.

ABBEY He already apologized!? I missed it!?

RONI Yeah, sorry. It was too funny too. So you coming later today?

ABBEY Coming to what?

RONI Oh, I'm sorry, I thought that you were...uh, CJ and Josh booked the mural room today, in about 20 minutes. They want me to give them a demonstration.

ABBEY What kind of demonstration?

RONI Tae Kwon Doe.

ABBEY Tae Kwon Doe.

RONI Yeah.

ABBEY You know Tae Kwon Doe?

RONI Yeah, I'm a black belt.

ABBEY Wow! I didn't know. So is that how you were able to defend yourself?

RONI Against that jerk, yeah. So you wanna come?


RONI Okay, I got to go to my room and get my uniform before I do this, cause Josh wouldn't let me do it in these jeans, he said he wanted a real demo, you know, the full affect and all. So I'll meet you over there.


[Donna, Josh, Sam, CJ, Leo, Margaret, Abbey, and Jed are all waiting in the Mural room for Roni to get there. Charlie slips into the room.]

CHARLIE Excuse me, Excuse me. Roni didn't want me to do this, but I'm doing it anyway. Roni Bartlet, black belt in Tae Kwon Doe, is ready to dazzle us...

[Roni steps into the room.]

RONI Charlie, you can shut up now, I told you not to...

CHARLIE Yeah, I did it anyway.

RONI So is there anything particular that you guys want to see?

SAM Don't you have like moves all worked out in a form for all the different belts?

RONI Yeah.

CJ Do you know all of them?

RONI Yeah, you sort of have to, to be a second-degree black belt.

JOSH I think what they are getting at is that they would like you to do those form thingys, and from the sounds of it, they want you to do all of them.

RONI Okay, but that's gonna take a while.

JED We have the time, remember, I am the boss around here.

RONI You, I thought mom was the boss.

ALL OOOOOOHH! She told you, sir.

JED Okay wise *ss, do your thing.

[Roni steps to the middle of the room and stands at attention, then at ready, and begins doing the first form, starting with a left down block and a right mid-section punch to the left, and turns and does the same to the right, as we fade out.]


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