The next morning Jed rose from bed early, about an hour early. There was no reason, the alarm didn't go off, Abbey wasn't awake yet. He just woke up. The first thing he did was pace around the room. Then he went back to the bed. He tried to go back to sleep, he still had two hours before he was supposed to be getting up, but he couldn't. He just kept tossing and turning for the next two hours. Eventually the alarm clock started buzzing and he could finally feel better about being awake.

Jed immediately pounded down on the button to make the noise go away. Then he turned over to look at his wife. She was actually able to sleep. That was a good thing, this may be her last night's sleep with not having cancer. Taking in the sight, Jed decided to let her sleep for a few more minutes as he disappeared into the bathroom.

Abbey woke up in time to see Jed retreating behind the bathroom door. She heard the water begin to run, and got up. She carefully slid into the bathroom without making a noise. When she climbed into the shower, Jed hadn't heard the door creaking open. As he held his eyes closed to rinse the shampoo out of his hair, Abbey began to kiss his neck.

As Jed felt this sweet sensation, he lowered his head and began to passionately kiss Abbey as the water pounded down on them. When the kiss broke, Jed moved away from the raining faucet above as he gazed into his wife's eyes. Abbey gazed back with an intensity that made words not necessary.


When the two got out of the shower, they quickly dried off and got dressed for what was destined to be the most agonizing or most joyful day of their lives. They finally made it to the big day, now just if they could get through it.

Once they were both fully clothed, they ordered for some coffee, orange juice, waffles, and some pancakes to be sent up to them. The food arrived promptly, and the man delivering it left just as promptly.

Just as the last of the food and drinks disappeared, the phone began to ring. Abbey nervously ran to it. She knew who it was, she knew what he wanted. Could she deal with it?

"Hello, Abigail Bartlet."

"Mrs. Bartlet, this is Dr. Steven Rielley. I'd like to schedule a meeting for you to come in and talk with me."

"Why? What is it?"

"I'd rather tell you in person, ma'am."

"Give me the damn news." Abbey snapped loosing her patience.

Abbey looked at Jed for strength as she heard the doctor say, "The test results came back, ma'am. You do have ovarian cancer."

The End



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