"What'd he say?" Abbey asked as Jed returned to the bedroom.

"He says you are in excellent health." Jed climbed back in bed and held his wife tightly in his arms.

"Liar! What'd he say? The truth."

"I never could lie to you." Tears began to form in his eyes. Abbey turned her head so she could look into his watery eyes. "You're scaring me, Jed. What'd he say? What's wrong?"

"He wants to do a biopsy." Abbey was speechless at this news. "I set it up for tomorrow morning, at 8:00 a.m." The tears that had been forming in his eyes began to flow down his face. "Don't worry, it's all gonna be fine." Jed held on to her tighter as they laid there in the silence.


"Jed?" Abbey called out, still in her husband's arms, unsure if he was still awake.

"Yeah?" He responded.

With a tear in her voice, she said, "Tell me how it's all going to be just fine, again."

"It's all going to be fine, Abbey. I promise. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

"I almost believe it when you say it." Abbey tried to smile as she began to feel woozy again. "Not again!" Abbey took off for the bathroom for the millionth time that day."

Jed had stayed in bed again this time. He heard the toilet flush, but she didn't emerge. Listening carefully, he heard her crying. Quietly entering the bathroom, he found her sitting on the floor, face right up by the toilet, crying her eyes out. Jed knelt down next to her, pulled her away from the toilet and hung on to her for dear life. "It's okay. Let it out. I'm here for you."

Abbey buried her head into his shoulder. "I'm so scared. What if it isn't nothing? What if it is cancer?"

"We will deal with that if and when we have to." They sat on the bathroom floor in silence for another ten minutes before they decided to go back to the bed.


Abbey laid in bed, she couldn't sleep. And it wasn't because she was sick and feeling so miserable. She had lots of stuff on her mind. Can I really have cancer? No one in my family has had cancer. But that doesn't mean I can't have it. It doesn't always run in the family.

Look at Jed sleeping. And to think, I was mad at him earlier cause he didn't take the day off of work. But he did come back really early. That should count for something. And I guess it does. Besides, I know that being President is a hard job. And he's good at it too. But why isn't he allowed to be a human being as well? It isn't fair to me, to him.

He looks so gorgeous. Not very peaceful, but gorgeous nonetheless. I wonder if he would still feel the same about me if I do have cancer. I wonder how I would feel about me if I had cancer.

Why can't I get to sleep? Before I found out about all of this, all I could do was sleep. But now…now I can't. It's strange.

Why did this have to happen to me? Why now? My life is going great, and then bamb, right out of no where. You might have cancer. How am I supposed to deal with it? I'm so scared. And I feel all alone. But Jed is here for me. I know he is, he said so. But I just can't shake this feeling. Well, I'm gonna try this sleep thing again. Hopefully it works.


A few hours later, Jed woke up. He had been having a hard time sleeping. He kept tossing and turning all night. The only thing that was on his mind was the news they received from the doctor. And it was very disturbing news.

Look at her, she's so beautiful. How can this be happening to her? And now, after everything in our lives is going great. I haven't had an MS attack in a long time. We haven't fought in forever. Unless you count earlier, but there was nothing I could do about that. I hope she understands that.

I hope she also understands that I am gonna stand by her through this. No matter what, I'm not leaving her. Of course she knows that, she has to. I tell her I love her everyday. But do I show her that I love her?

It's good that she is sleeping right now. Rest is what she needs. She doesn't look very peaceful though. But then neither am I.

It's not like we even know that she has cancer. The doctor said that there was a chance that she has it. Which means that there is a chance that she does not have it. Oh, how I pray that is so. I mean if she has cancer, we will deal with it. But why should she have to go through something like that?

Well, I suppose I should go back to sleep now, if I can. I can worry more about this later. As I am sure that I will. You just can't forget news like this. Those words keep repeating over and over in my mind. And how it broke her heart when I had to tell her. I hope I never have to do that again. I don't think I can, I love her too much to hurt her. And I can't protect her if she does have cancer; I'd just have to be a passenger. I don't think I can do that.

"I love you, Abigail." Jed says as he wraps his body around hers and tries to go back to sleep.



Under The Weather - 4



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