RONI What?!

JED I told them I would mention it to you, but under no circumstances would I make you see them.

ZOEY I think you should see them.


ZOEY Cause from the sounds of it, you've got a lot of unresolved issues with them, which is going to make it hard to move on.

RONI Do you know what they did to me when I was a little kid?

ZOEY Yeah, I know. But I still think you should meet with them, one last time.

RONI You're serious?

ZOEY Hey, you're the one that wants to be a psychologist; this is basic psychology stuff. You have to deal with the past before you can move on, and I don't think you've done a good job dealing with it.

RONI And this is supposed to make me want to see them?

JED You don't have to if you don't want to.

ZOEY I still say you should.

RONI What about you, mom, what do you think I should do?

ABBEY I think you should do whatever your heart tells you to do. If you do decide to meet with them, know that we would be here for you, emotionally, even physically if you want. But if you decide not to meet them, know that that's okay too, and we would still be here for you.

RONI This is weird.

ZOEY What's that?

RONI Having such a supporting family.

ZOEY So what are you going to do? Are you going to meet them?

RONI I don't know why I should, but what you said made some sense, about the past and all.

JED So you want to meet them?

RONI Sure. Why not?

ABBEY Are you sure that's what you want, kiddo?

RONI No, but I'll meet with them anyway.

[Jed is busy behind his desk, when Nancy comes in the Oval Office.]

NANCY Mr. President, there is a couple out here waiting to see you, the Williams'.

JED Send 'em in, would you Nancy?

NANCY Yes, sir.

[Nancy exits, as a couple in their 40's enter, Jed stands up from his desk and goes to greet them.]

JED You must be Keith and Mary Williams.

KEITH Yes, sir, we are. It's a pleasure to meet with you Mr. President.

MARY Yes, Mr. President, it is quite an honor to meet you. And we are very pleased that you allowed us to see Roni.

JED I didn't allow anything. If you're looking for someone to thank, it should be my daughter Zoey. She's responsible for talking Roni into meeting the two of you.

MARY Yes, sir.

JED Excuse me, just a moment folks.

KEITH and MARY Yes, sir.

[Jed picks up phone, and calls Nancy over the intercom.]

JED Nancy, could you have Roni come down to my office as soon as she can?.Thank you Nancy.

[Jed hangs up the phone.]

JED Roni will be here in just a minute, why don't you have a seat while you wait.

MARY Thank you, Mr. President.

[Mary and Keith sit down on one of the couches, as Leo enters the room from the side door.]

LEO Mr. President.

JED You need me, Leo?

LEO Just for a minute, sir.

JED Alright. Mr. and Mrs. Williams', if you would excuse me for just a minute, I'm sure Roni will be here any minute now.

[Jed leaves the office and goes into Leo's office with Leo.]

LEO Williams', as in Veronica, Roni Williams?

JED Yeah.

LEO Those are the people who raised your daughter?

JED Yeah. So what'd you want Leo?

LEO Sir, we have a situation in Afghanistan.

JED What now?

LEO All of the looting and rioting, and protests are worsening by the minute. We are going to have to give them our full attention very soon.

JED Why our attention?

LEO Sir.

JED Why is it always us that has to go helping other countries, why not one of the other allies?

LEO To take a page from Lord Marbury, that's the price we pay for being rich, free, and alive all at the same time, sir.

JED Okay. So is that it, you just wanted to tell me about this?

LEO Yes, and you should expect to be having a meeting in the sit room before too long.





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