[Toby and Sam enter Leo's office from the main door.]

SAM Mr. President, Leo.

TOBY Excuse me, Leo, Mr. President.

JED What do you need?

TOBY You have a meeting tomorrow.

JED Yes, I'd imagine I have a couple meetings tomorrow.

TOBY You have one with a special group tomorrow. For fifty bucks, can anyone besides Sam tell me the name of the group?

JED I give.

LEO So do I.


SAM The name of their group is Women's Human Rights Defenders, WHRD, or Defenders.

LEO Where are you getting at?

TOBY Afghanistan.

JED What about it?

SAM We were thinking, what with the current events in Afghanistan, that it would be a wise course of action if we were to rewrite the speech you are to give to the women's group. Instead of speaking about problems within our own nation, we were thinking you could discuss the situation of the women in Afghanistan.

LEO To what degree?

SAM We think the speech should relate to what the Afghanistanian women are going through, the President's feelings on this subject, and perhaps make a clear and public statement, that would outline future White House policies towards Afghanistan.

JED Toby?

TOBY Sir, Sam and I have spent some time on this, after speaking with CJ, as well as some of the women involved with the program that you are to speak with tomorrow, I really do think we should do this. The fact that I sat down with Sam and discussed this should be proof enough.

JED This wouldn't be a problem to change it so late in the day?

TOBY I don't think the time factor is a problem, we've rewritten speeches in a matter of two hours or less. Plus, there are a plethora of things in which we would be able to fit into this speech. Not to mention that it is the type of topic, that once you start writing, it's hard to stop. That said, I really don't anticipate a problem coming up with a new speech. It's my job to do this kind of stuff you know.

LEO What did CJ have to say on this?

SAM CJ likes the idea. She thinks the press would like the idea, and so she gave us a thumbs up from a PR standpoint.

TOBY May I remind everyone, that in the latest poll, we included questions concerning Afghanistan. The results said that the public, in large, is fairly concerned about the women in Afghanistan, and said they would like the government to do something about it.

JED Okay. If you can write me a new speech by tomorrow, I'll read it to the women.

SAM Thank you, sir.

TOBY Thank you for your time, sir.

[Sam and Toby exit Leo's office.]

LEO Why didn't we think about this sooner?

JED I don't know.

[Margaret peeks her head into Leo's office.]

MARGARET Leo, I have some papers here that need your signature.

JED I'm gonna go, so you can sign your papers, cause I know how you love signing stuff.

LEO Yeah, probably as much as you, Mr. President.

JED See ya later.

LEO Good bye, Mr. President.

[Jed leaves Leo's office through the front door, and walks to Nancy's desk.]

JED Nancy, did Roni get here yet?

NANCY Yes, sir.

JED She's in there already?

NANCY Yes, sir.

JED Okay, thanks.

[Lots of commotion is heard from the Oval Office, Jed and the secret service run in. Mary is standing silently in a corner, Keith standing over Roni, who is leaning against Jed's desk, holding her left eye.]

JED What the hell happened in here?

RONI Nothing. Don't worry, I can handle it.

JED My God, did he hit you?

KEITH What if I did? She's my daughter.

JED No, she's not. She is my daughter.

RONI Really, I can handle it, could you please just step out and give me another minute with them, dad?

JED Are you sure that's what you want, kiddo?

RONI Yes, I'm sure.

JED Okay, everyone, out. Roni, I'll be right outside.

RONI Thank you.

[Jed and the secret service all leave.]






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