[Roni stands up and begins to punch and kick Keith. Hearing even more commotion, Leo enters the Oval Office from the side door, and Jed reenters from the front door, just as Roni was getting ready to kick Keith one last time.]

RONI That's for hitting me. And this is for....

JED Okay, what the hell happened now?

KEITH She hit me.

JED Roni, is that true?


JED Good girl. Leo.

LEO Why don't you come in my office, and we can get your injuries looked at.

JED Then I want you to get the hell out of my White House.

LEO This way.

[Leo ushers Keith and Mary into his office. Jed goes over towards Roni, and ushers her to the couch, where they both sit.]

JED What happened in here?

RONI He already told you, I hit him. Guess I decided not to let him push me around anymore.

JED I saw that.

RONI Yes, well, I do what I have to.

JED Remind me never to mess with you.

RONI I really am just a sweet little angle.

JED Yeah, sure you are kiddo.

RONI What, you don't believe me?

JED I didn't say that.

RONI Maybe, but it sounded like you were implying it.

JED I did not. You're putting words in my mouth.

RONI Sorry.

JED So what happened before, why did he hit you?

RONI I walked into the room.

JED And what?

RONI Nothing. I walked into the room, he saw me and came over and hit me.

JED You're kidding?!

RONI Nope.

JED I'm so sorry. So I couldn't help but notice, you popped him pretty good.

RONI Yeah.

JED I bet he never thought you would use that karate stuff against him.

RONI Probably not.

[Sam enters Toby's office, Toby is behind his computer at his desk.]

TOBY What have you got for me?

SAM I have some basic info, nothing too deep yet.

TOBY That's okay, I'll take what I can get. Besides, if the US does get more involved, we are likely to see Ed and Larry, and then they can give us more info. Although that will probably happen after this speech is delivered, and they will probably tell us that we can't use whatever info they are able to gather, because it's inaccurate. That said, What do you have for me?

SAM The Taliban are a group of soldiers trained in Pakistani Islamic Schools who profess to be soldiers of pure, fundamentalist Islam and the saviors of all Muslims. The Taliban's brand of Islam has been termed un-Islamic and condemned by most Muslim scholars and countires. Though most countries do not recognize the Taliban because of their human rights abuses, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia support the Taliban with money and supplies.

TOBY Is that it?

SAM No, there's more. I have some basic info about what it is exactly that the women are going through in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban.

TOBY Don't just stand there, tell me.

SAM Women are not allowed to work outside of the home. Girls and women are prohibited from attending schools and universities. Women are forced to wear the burqa-a voluminous garment, which completely shrouds the body under layers of fabric, leaving only a small mesh opening through which to breathe and see. They cannot leave the confines of their homes unless accompanied by a close male relative. They must paint their windows to hide themselves from view. Male doctors are not allowed to examine women. Women are forbidden to wear white socks, and their shoes can not make noise when they walk. Women and men are stoned to death on the suspicion that they may have committed adultery.

TOBY This is good.

SAM I have more.

TOBY Continue.

SAM Women have been stoned to death for traveling with a man who was not her relative. They have been beaten by the hundreds for not being "properly" dressed. The ban on women working has thrown tens of thousands of families into destitution, because many women in Afghanistan are war widows and the sole source of support for their families. Before the Taliban, 50% of the students and 60% of the teachers at Kabul University were women, and 70% of school teachers, 50% of civilian government workers, and 40% of doctors in Kabul were women. A small number of female medical staff is allowed to work, but are continually harassed. Because male doctors cannot treat them, Women are severely limited in their access to medical care. Women have been shot at for leaving their homes without a male escort to receive medical care.

TOBY So is that it, or do you have more?

SAM I 'm glad you asked. Cause I managed to get some info on other Taliban offenses, ones that don't strictly apply to women.

TOBY Let's have it.

SAM Those convicted by the Taliban of stealing have their hands amputated, and all punishments in the capital region, are carried out at an outdoor soccer stadium in Kabul. Convicted killers are executed by relatives of their victims, who also have the authority under Islam to forgive the criminal and accept blood money instead. Those convicted of homosexuality are placed in front of a brick wall and it is sent crashing down using a tank. After 30 minutes, the rubble is removed and anyone who survives is exonerated. And last, but not least, those convicted of having relations with someone they are not married to, are sentenced to 100 lashings in the public eye, if not stoned to death first.

TOBY This is good, I can write a speech with this.




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