[Roni is walking through hallways of the White House, just wondering, as all the speedy people in the hallways pass her up. Josh approaches her from behind.]

JOSH Hey there, Roni.

RONI Hey, Josh. What's up?

JOSH Not much, what about you? And what happened to your eye?

RONI The people that raised me, they were just here to see me. The dad, he, uh, he sort of hit me.

JOSH What?

RONI Yeah.

JOSH Are you okay?

RONI Yeah. I sorta hit him back, you know.

JOSH So you used your karate techniques on him, right?

[Josh mimics karate moves, and they both laugh.]

RONI Yeah.

JOSH Good for you. I bet he's regretting ever having messed with you.

RONI Yeah, but he'd probably try it again if he were ever to see me again.

JOSH But we're not gonna let that happen, now are we?

[Just then Roni and Josh see Mary and Keith, walking in the opposite direction of them.]

RONI I think you spoke up too soon.

JOSH Them?

RONI Yeah.

KEITH Damn you little girl, don't you ever do that again.

[Keith raises his hand as if he's gonna smack Roni upside the head. Josh grabs his arm, as it is just inches from hitting Roni.]

JOSH Don't do that. Don't you ever, and I mean ever, raise a hand to Roni again. Do you got that? Excuse me, Bobbie, this man just tried to assault your protectee, not to mention he gave her a black eye earlier. And I'm sure that little security camera in the corner caught the entire thing on tape, so if you would be so kind as to place this man under arrest.

JOHNSON Sure thing, Mr. Lyman. Come here you son of a *itch.

[Bobbie grabs Keith and jerks him away from the little group. As they walk off, Mary follows them and Bobbie murmurs something into her wireless mike. Josh looks at Roni and can tell she is trying real hard not to cry.]

JOSH You okay there, Roni?

RONI My hero!

JOSH Yeah, right. Whatever you say. You know you could have handled that yourself.

RONI Maybe, but if it had been me that had to handle it, he probably wouldn't be walking out of here on his own two feet.

JOSH You okay?

RONI Yeah, I'm fine.

JOSH You don't look fine.

RONI Yeah?

JOSH Wanna talk?

RONI Sure.

JOSH Okay, lets head back to my office, and we can talk in there.

[Roni and Josh turn around and walk to josh's office.]

RONI You ever heard of the band, Creed?

JOSH Yeah.

RONI You heard their song, With arms wide open?

JOSH Yeah, sorta.

RONI Sorta?

JOSH Well I know I've heard it, but I don't remember how it goes.

RONI But you know what it's about, right?

JOSH Isn't that the one where the guy finds out he's gonna be a dad?

RONI Yeah, that's the one.

JOSH See, I kinda know it.

RONI Why do you think it was never like that for me? With him? I mean, the man I've thought was my dad, he never wanted me. He never taught me anything, he never showed me love, he was never the man he should have been.

JOSH I don't know. But hey, at least you're not like him.

RONI Yeah, that's one thing I can be thankful for.

JOSH And never forget that.

RONI You know, the President, he's know me for all of two months now, and he has shown me love. He was ready and willing to be the man, the dad that I needed. He was able to take my life in his hands, to show me everything. He's only known me two months, and he was willing to do all that, Keith knew me 17 years and never once did any of it.

JOSH The President is quite the man.

RONI Not to mention, quite the father. So why do you think it's like that? The only man I've ever known to be my father can't stand me, and the man that's only known me for two months couldn't love me more?

JOSH I don't know. You said it yourself, he's quite the father.

RONI It just really sucks, you know, that I had to waste all that time with Keith, and miss out with the President.

[Josh and Roni reach Josh's office, go inside, and shut the door.]





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