[Charlie lightly taps on the door, then enters the Oval Office.]

CHARLIE Mr. President, Mr. Butterfield is here to see you.

JED Okay, you can send him in.

[Charlie exits as Butterfield enters.]

JED Ron, to what do I owe this pleasure?

BUTTERFIELD Well, sir, there was a bit of a situation earlier.

JED What kind of situation?

BUTTERFIELD We had to place a man under arrest in the halls of the White House.

JED Who was it? And why do I care?

BUTTERFIELD Keith Williams.

JED Is Roni okay?

BUTTERFIELD She's fine, sir.

JED What happened?

BUTTERFIELD From what I know, Mr. President, the Williams' were walking in one direction of the hallway, and Mr. Lyman and Roni were walking in the opposite direction, when they crossed paths. Mr. Williams tried to hit Roni, again. Josh grabbed his arm before he could, then had Johnson arrest him.

JED Josh?


JED Do you know where my daughter is right now, Ron?

BUTTERFIELD No, sir, but I can find out.

[Butterfield speaks into his wireless mike.]

BUTTERFIELD What's the 10-20 on Spaz Child?....10-4...Mr. President, she's in Mr. Lyman's office.

JED Spaz Child?


JED Who came up with that? And does Roni know?

BUTTERFIELD It was her idea.

JED Really.

BUTTERFIELD Yes, sir. She didn't like the last code name we picked for her, so she picked out her own. In fact, she made us a list of names to use for her, for whenever we change them.

JED Interesting. So you said she was in Josh's office?

BUTTERFIELD Yes, sir. She has been in Mr. Lyman's office since all of this happened.

JED Okay, thank you Ron.

BUTTERFIELD No problem, Mr. President.

[CJ knocks on Josh's door, then opens it and goes in.]

CJ I'm sorry to interrupt the two of you. Josh, I just needed to get that thing back from you.

JOSH Oh, yeah, here.

[Josh hands CJ a notebook, a book, and a video.]

CJ Thanks. So what's going on? And how did you get a black eye?

RONI You know, I should make like a banner or a sign saying how I got this black eye, then people could just read it, and stop asking me.

CJ I'm sorry.

RONI No, it's no problem. You're just about the thousandth person to ask me that in the last twenty minutes. I had a....uh....an encounter with the person who used to be my father.

CJ Some encounter that must have been.

RONI Yes, well Keith Williams hit me.

CJ Really?

JOSH Yeah, and she hit him back, got him worse then he got her.

CJ Really?

JOSH Then he tried to hit her again, in the halls, not that long ago.

CJ Really?

RONI Can't you say something besides really?

CJ Sure, what do you mean tried?

JOSH I stopped him from going through with it.

RONI Yeah, Josh is my hero.

CJ Really?


CJ So now you've saved two of his daughters, what's next Joshua?

JOSH I don't know, I was thinking maybe I'd just sit back and take a well-needed vacation from saving the first daughters.




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