CJ Okay. Hey, before I go, if the press asks me about any of this, what do you want me to tell them, if anything?

RONI You think they would know already?

CJ The press is very fast.

JOSH You can tell them that I've been busy becoming Roni's hero.

[Roni and CJ laugh, as we jump to the press conference minutes later.]

CJ Good afternoon folks, I don't have much for you. First, the bill signing ceremony tomorrow has been moved outside, because it is supposed to be a beautiful day, and the President says he rarely gets to go outside these days.

DANNY CJ, is it true that a Mr. Williams was arrested thirty minutes ago?

CJ Yes.

KATIE Is this the same Mr. Williams that has been raising Roni Bartlet for the past 17 years?

CJ Yes.

MIKE Can you tell us what he has been arrested for? And is the President aware of this?

[We switch to watching a TV screen in Abbey's office, where we find Abbey watching the conference with Lily.]

CJ He was arrested for assaulting the first daughter. And I haven't been able to speak to the President about this yet, so no, I'm not sure if he is aware of this or not.

BILLY Is it true that Roni Bartlet has a black eye?

CJ Yes.

JACK Is it true that Roni Bartlet also inflicted some injuries on Mr. Williams? And a doctor was called into Leo McGarry's office to treat Mr. Williams' injuries?

CJ Yes.

DANNY What did Ms. Bartlet have to say about all of this?

CJ Well, she said that Joshua Lyman was her hero. She hopes never to see Mr. Williams again. And she also hopes to put this entire mess behind her.

STEVE Is Josh Lyman planning on making a career change to the secret service?

CJ Not as far as I am aware, Steve. In fact Josh said that he was planning on taking a break from the business of saving the first daughters.

[Abbey turns the TV off and turns to Lily.]


LILY Yes, Abbey?

ABBEY Can you find out for me where Roni is right now?

LILY Sure thing, ma'am.

[Lily leaves for a minute, then comes back in the office.]

LILY Ma'am, she's in Josh Lyman's office.

[Josh's office, Roni and Josh are still having their talk.]

JOSH So you feel any better?

RONI Yeah, thanks. But as soon as mom and dad find outů..

[Donna beeps in on the intercom.]

DONNA Josh, Mrs. Bartlet is here to see you.

RONI And it begins.

JOSH Okay, Donna, she can come in.

[Abbey goes into Josh's office.]

ABBEY Hi Josh.

JOSH Hi ma'am.

ABBEY Roni, are you okay?

RONI Yeah, I'm fine. Why?

ABBEY Why? I think you would know why.

RONI Are you referring to this black eye?

ABBEY I saw CJ's press conference, I know all about what happened.


ABBEY Why did the press know before I did?

RONI I don't know.

ABBEY Were you planning on telling me?

RONI Yes, I was. I was just about to leave here and go find you and dad and tell you guys.





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