Early On a Saturday 1/?

May 13, 2000 9:30 PM - Maddi and Sam quickly enter Maddi's large

apartment and shut the door. "Do you think anybody saw us?" Sam

asks her "The secret service, but they can't say anything." She

responds as she sits down on the sofa. "I hate having to keep this a

secret." He says with a sigh as he sits down on the next to her. "Why do

we have to?" she asks. "Maddi, we've been over this." "Yes, but I don't

really understand it." she says, standing up. "Fine." "What?" "Okay, we

can tell everyone." "No, we can't, and I hate it and it isn't fair!" Sam

chuckles at this "Are you laughing at me?" "Sorry, it's just that you

sounded like a three year old." He says walking over to her. She quickly

gasps and grabs a pillow that is sitting on a chair then she hits him in

the side with it. He grabs another pillow and hits her with it. They

continue the pillow fight until Maddi pushes Sam onto the sofa, he pulls

her on top of him and they start kissing. Then the phone rings, she sighs

and looks towards the ceiling, then grabs the phone off the coffee table.

"Hello" "Hi Maddi " "Zoey hi" "Beckey's here" Maddi sits up. "That's

nice" she says somewhat uninterested "Mom and Dad want you to

come for breakfast in the morning. Beckey has some news." Maddi

sighs "okay, what time?" "Like eight" "Oh that's early." "I guess" "For

someone who wakes up at five every morning, eight on a Saturday is

early." "Okay" "I'll see you in the morning, bye." "Bye." Maddi hangs up.

"Who was that?" "Zoey, my sister Beckey is in town and I have to go to

my parents house for breakfast in the morning." She stands up "Do you

want some wine?" "Sure" he follows her into the kitchen. "I really do not

want to go." "Why not, I mean you don't see Beckey that much." "I see

her enough." She says "Why don't you like her?" he asks handing her

two wineglasses. "I don't not like her " She says as she gets a bottle of

red wine from the wine rack on her counter "I just, we don't get along."

"Why?" "I have no idea." She hands him a glass of wine. "Okay" he

says skeptically as they go back into the living room. "I was the

youngest for six years, I was used to getting a lot of attention and then

Beckey was born and it stopped. And when we were kids - You don't

want to hear all of this." "It's fine. " "Are you sure?" "Yes." "She was

always mean to me, Zoey and Maggi too, she only got along with

Elizabeth. " Maddi pouts "Whenever I did something she always had to,

she always had to upstage me and I know that sounds babyish, but it

really happened, and I am sick of it because -"Sam puts his finger to

her lips to stop her talking. "That doesn't sound babyish." She rests her

head in his shoulder. "And as we got older everything just got worse."

He runs his hands through her hair. " I just don't know what she'll do

next, I don't think I even want to know." "So you'll go, and be miserable

for a few hours, and that's it." "I want you to come. " "I can't, you know

that. " "Yes I do I just want you to." She pauses for a minute "I'm going to

tell my parents tomorrow." "You can't" "I can and I will." "Just wait a few

more weeks." "I can't, I am sick of sneaking around." "I think it's kind of

fun. Please. We can tell him after the town hall meeting next week."

"Promise?" "Promise." "I love you." She kisses him "I love you too."



Early On A Saturday - 2



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