Early On a Saturday 2/5

May 14, 2000

Maddi opens her eyes and turns to see Sam staring at her. "Good

Morning sleepy head. " He says to her. "Oh my gosh, what time is it?"

she turns to look at the clock on her nightstand. "I was supposed to be

at my parents house 20 minutes ago. " she says jumping out of bed.

"How am I going to explain this to them, and you know my father he'll

want an explanation." She says as she goes into the closet. "Just tell

them you overslept." "That won't work. Oh, what am I going to do?"

"First of all you need to calm down." "Easy for you to say." "good point."

~ 20 minutes later ~

Maddi rushes nervously through the hall leading to the residence.

She arrives and takes a deep breath before entering. When she does

she is greeted by her father and mother. "Hi" she says softly "Madison

how nice of you to join us" her father says. She crosses her fingers

behind her back in hopes they will believe what she is about to say. "I'm

sorry I was up late last night working and I guess I just overslept. I'm

sorry." "It's all right, " her mother says softly. "Beckey and Zoey are

already in the dining room." She follows her mother. Her father looks

suspiciously at her as she passes him. She just smiles.

~10 minutes later ~

"Beckey" Maddi says after taking a sip of coffee "Zoey said you had

some news. What?" "Oh, um, well" Beckey hesitates before answering

then takes a deep breath. "I met someone, we have been seeing each

other for about a month." "Who dear?" her mother asks. Beckey

hesitates again. "Tyler Corwin." At this her father coughs on a sip of his

coffee. "As in the son of Michael Corwin? " Maddi questions "The

republican who ran against dad?" Zoey asks. "Yes." Beckey replies.

Zoey and Maddi exchange looks and then look at their father. "Are you

crazy?" her father asks. "No daddy I am not crazy, I love him." "I can't

believe we are having this discussion." He says sternly "Actually we

aren't having a discussion, there is nothing to discuss. I love him and

that's all there is too it." "You are to stop seeing him immediately." "No.

I'm not a little girl you cannot tell me what to do any more. I refuse to let

*your* job interfere with *my* personal life! "


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