Early on a Saturday 3/5

Maddi and Zoey decide to leave while their father continued the

argument with Beckey. They went into the living room. "I think that *this*

is the biggest mistake she's ever made." Zoey says laughing slightly.

"Ya, I think your right. At least with you and Charlie, well dad likes

Charlie." "He likes Sam too." "Ya, What?!" "You and Sam, you're

together right?" "How did you find out about this?" "He answered your

phone one morning last week . You're just lucky it wasn't dad." "Ya,

Zoey you can't tell anyone." "Oh, I won't." "Not even Charlie?" "Well I

already told him. " "Zoey" "sorry" "it's okay" "Did Sam tell you we where

together? " "It was like 7 AM, I couldn't think of any other reason he'd be

at your apartment that early." "Just don't say anything. Why did you call

me so early? " "I dunno I guess I was board." Maddi rolls her eyes

"Zoey you can't tell anyone about me and Sam" "I won't." Maddi smiles

"but now would be a good time to tell dad, since you can't keep it a

secret forever." "Zoey he's in like his worst mood ever." "He's mad at

Beckey, so anything you do now couldn't possibly as bad." "No, Zoey, I

need to wait a little longer before I tell them." "Whatever." "So how is

Charlie?" "I'm in love with him." "Really?" Maddi questions

sarcastically. "What's that supposed to mean?" "It's just kind of

noticeable." "Is it that obvious? " "Ya, it really is." "WHAT!" they hear

their father bellow from the other room. "Come on" Maddi says as both

girls rush into the dining room. Zoey goes over to their mother "what

happened?" "Shh" "what" Maddi mouths from the other side of the

room, Zoey shrugs her shoulders. "Rebekah would you like to tell your

sisters what you just told your father and I?" Abbey asks. "Oh, um, well -

" she takes a deep breath "Tyler and are well, we're, we're, Tyler and I

are - " "What is it Beckey?!" Zoey says "Tyler and I are getting




Early On A Saturday - 4



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