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Early on a Saturday 4/5

Zoey and Maddi are both visibly shocked by their sister's

announcement. "You will *not* marry him." "*I* will do whatever I want." "I

don't think so." "Mom" Beckey whines "I agree with your father." Maddi

puts her hand to her forehead. "What's wrong with you?" Beckey asks

rudely. "Not that you would care, but this is a political mess. In fact it's a

scandal. I am the deputy press secretary and so in part that makes it

my political mess. And I am *sick* of cleaning up my little sister's

messes." "You always think about yourself" Beckey says "And who

exactly were you thinking about when you decided to marry a

republican's son? It certainly wasn't anyone else." "Isn't Tyler like 30?"

Zoey asks "He's 29" "And you are 21, you may not legally be a child but

your actions certainly prove that you think like one." Jed says angrily. "I

am not going to stand here and listen to this." "You are not going

anywhere young lady." "Watch me!" She screams as she leaves the

room. "You know this was actually worth waking up early for." Maddi

says, attempting to lighten the mood. "Madison" "her father says sternly

"Hey, I'm not the one who did anything wrong. " "Least not yet" Zoey

murmurs Maddi glares at her. "What is she talking about? " her father

asks. "Nothing Daddy." Maddi drags Zoey out of the room. "Zoey

Abigail." "Okay, I'm sorry." "Do you have any idea how much trouble

you could have just gotten me into?" "Yes, I know exactly in fact I've

calculated it." She says sarcastically "A. that's not funny and B. you're

not taking math." "Why does everybody keep bugging me about that?"

"Come on, I feel like shopping, you want to go shopping?" "Sure, but

we shouldn't buy any wedding gifts." "When did you become a bad

comedian?" "Hey, I take offense to that." The girls continue their

discussion as they leave the White House.

Jed and Abbey are talking. "What are we going to do about this?"

he asks her "Nothing." "What do you mean nothing" "We aren't going to

do anything about this, she's 21 years old and she can make decisions

for herself." "Abigail this is serious." "I understand that, but all being

angry at her is going to do is make her want to do this more. They've

only been seeing each other for a month, maybe she'll come to her

senses. I don't really want to talk about this anymore. " "We could talk

about one of our other daughters, like Maddi." "Why?" "Zoey's

comment before, plus the ways she's been acting lately. Something is

going in with her, I just don't know what it is."


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