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Early On a Saturday 5/5

~ That Evening ~ 9PM ~

Maddi and Sam are in the living room of her apartment. They are sitting

on the couch. Sam is rubbing Maddi's feet, which are in his lap. "You

know this is a pretty funny movie." Maddi tells him "That's why I brought

it over." "I usually don't like movies about politicians." "Why?" "For the

same reason my mother doesn't like ER. They aren't realistic. What

exactly about this is political?" "The reason why they have to do all this

stuff. Have you been watching the movie?" "Yes, it's just not very easy

to concentrate on watching a movie when there a very cute guy sitting a

few feet away from me." She moves toward him and kisses his cheek

then he starts to kiss her when the phone rings. "Oh my god." She sighs

and grabs the phone. "Hello" "Hi Maddi it's Zoey. " "You have got the

worst timing." "I don't have time to talk dad's coming over to see you."

"Why?" she asks nervously "I don't know." "When did he leave?" "About

10 minutes ago. "Zoey I live *five* minutes away." "I would have called

sooner but mom was talking to me." "It's okay bye." She hangs up. "My

father is going to be here any second." The doorbell rings. "Hang on."

She grabs her briefcase from off the floor and shoves it towards Sam,

he takes some papers out of it and puts them on the coffee table. The

turns the TV off. Maddi goes through the hall to the door and opens it

"Dad" she says trying to sound surprised. "Hi, I wanted to talk to you

about this morning. " "I'm fine, talk to Beckey." "No, something is going

on with you and I'm not leaving until I find out what it is." He walks down

the hall to the living room. "Sam" He stands up "would you like to

explain to me what you're doing in my daughters apartment?" "Oh, dad

he was just explaining something to me, about work. " Maddi lies. "Do

you expect me to believe that neither of you have anything better to do

on a Saturday night than work? " "Yes?" "Madison Paige I demand an

explanation. " "I gave you one." "A bad one." "Fine! You really want to

know?" Yes, wait" "What?" "Are you and Sam seeing each other?

"Maddi is speechless "What makes you think that? " "Because your

boyfriend has lipstick on his face." Sam puts his had to his cheek.

"Sam, it would not be a good idea for you to do anything to break my

daughters heart." "Of course not sir." "Madison - " Jed says, he

hesitates before he finishes "your relationship is fine with me." "Thank

you." Maddi says "thank you sir." Sam adds. "Although I don't know

what your bosses are going to say Monday morning, when you are to

tell them about your relationship. "Well I think it will be okay with CJ and

Toby." Maddi says. "You have to tell Leo too." "Okay" Maddi says

hesitantly. "I'll see you both Monday." "Good Night dad." She says

giving him a kiss on the cheek. "Good night." Sam says. " "Good night.

Oh and I'm going to tell your mother." "That's fine." "And if you have any

idea what I should do about Rebekah please let me know." He leaves.

"What's going on with Beckey." "You don't want to know." "Okay." "Let's

finish the movie." They both go back to the living room. Maddi kisses

him before they finish the movie.

The End.

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