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"Only The Tip Of The Iceburg" 10/?

Toby was stunned. He thought that he had her on the run. This was probably the
thing he least expected from her, but he was delighted with her extreme action. He stood
there for awhile and just looked at her to see where her head was, as she was smirking.
God only knows what Sam was thinking as he stood behind him Toby was just about to
respond when Leo broke in and made all of them jump.
“What is going on around here!?” Leo said, in his intimidating way, and his eyebrows
pointed down.
“Uma...” Sam, Toby, Susie and CJ all said almost in unison.
“Everyone, in here now.” He demanded as he walked into the nearby office, which just
happened to be Josh’s. They all filed in and saw that Josh and Donna were also in there
but standing, with their heads down.
“Okay, I want to know what the hell is going on. I come in to talk to my Deputy Cheif of
Staff and I find him making out with his assistant, I exit, and what do I see, my
Communications Director and my Public Relations Advisor also kissing. Is this Melrose
Place? Did I take the wrong exit on the way to work? Did someone spike the coffee with
Love Potion #9!?” Leo said, raising his voice as he went on. Susie had the urge to laugh,
but surpressed it when she saw the look of seriousness on his face.
“Um.Sir, I have no idea what is going on here, but as you have seen, I have not kissed
anyone here.” Sam said, pointing.
“Shut up, Sam!” Everyone said in unison.
“No, Sam, I haven’t seen you kiss anyone else, but you are dating my daughter, so I’m
ticked at you too.” Leo said, not looking at Sam.
“So, what about me?” CJ said, with her hands up.
“What about you, CJ?” Leo said, as he started to sit on Josh’s desk.
“Well, I haven’t kissed anyone here, and I’m not dating your daughter.” CJ said, dryly.
“No, you haven’t but I have a feeling that you have something to do with this.” Leo said,
making eye contact with CJ.
“Okay.” CJ answered, sitting down.
“What about you four? The kissers. Huh, what is going on?” Leo said, looking at Toby,
Susie, Josh, and Donna. Josh was the first one to speak up.
“Leo, sir, I just have to say one thing. It was all Susie’s fault.” Josh said, pointing at
“What?!?” Susie replied, looking at Josh.
“She pressured me until I cracked.” Josh said, still pointing.
“So, you don’t like Donna?” Leo said, trying to follow.
“No, I love Donna. But this whole mess is Susie’s fault.” Josh said, resuming his position
next to Donna.
“Okay, Susie. So, your to blame for all of this?” Leo said, not knowing how to handle
Susie because she was fairly new.
“Well, maybe I had a little to do with Josh and Donna. A little. But the whole me and
Toby thing was all Toby’s fault.” Susie said, now pointing at Toby.
“Okay, Toby, now, whose fault is it?” Leo said, losing patience.
“Mine. I kissed Susie.” Toby said, scratching his beard.
“No excuses?” Leo said, raising an eyebrow.
“Nope, I was going to blame Sam, but I figured he would get it sooner or later because he
is dating you daughter.” Toby said, smiling.
“Okay, everyone but Toby has to stay late tonight. He can go home.” Leo said, starting
to walk out.
“What, why is that?” Josh said, making his way to Leo.
“Because, he took responsibility. He didn’t blame, Josh.” Leo said, now pointing at
“Oh, so it’s one of those ‘moral’ things.” Josh said, nodding.
“Yes, it is.” Leo responded.
“But what about us. We didn’t kiss anybody!” Sam said, as he made a motion to himself
and CJ.
“Sam, I have already given my reason for your punishment. And CJ, the innocent
bystandard, maybe tonight, while you’re working late, you should find Danny and make a
little trouble of your own. Goodnight.” Leo said, as he exited the room.
“Nice way to blame me, Josh.” Susie said, a little bitter.
“What?” Josh said, shrugging his shoulders.
“Ugh.” Susie said, as everyone but Josh and Donna exited the office.


Only The Tip Of The Iceburg - 11



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