INTRO: i forget how many chaps i have out, so from now on im going to do the p?/?. um, this isnt the conclusion, so those of you that don't want to see the end of this can celebrate(paris). okay, enjoy, and i LOVE feedback.
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SPOILER: a new person joins the gang at the west wing.

"Only The Tip Of The Iceburg" p?/?

from last chapter:
“Why? about the fact that you ramble incoherently. Or the fact that you write
speeches for people, yet you can’t seem to make a rational sentence on your own. Or the
fact that you know the quickest way to some unknown Cape Cod town. Or...” Susie
said, herself, starting to ramble.

new chapter:
“Well, they are facts that every person should know, they are not odd in the least.” Sam
said, a little defensively.
“Whatever.” Susie said, trying to relax from her recent outburst.
“Um..anything else?” Sam said, uneasy.
“Wait, don’t go. And even if you did, you would probably end up pacing around my door
and making me nervous.” Susie said, quietly.
“Then what should we do?” Sam said, innocently.
“OH!” Susie exclaimed, rather loudly, which made Sam jump.
“WHAT?” Sam said, checking his pulse.
“I have an idea.” Susie said, with a grin.
“What?” Sam said, sitting down. Within minutes, Sam and Susie were creeping around
the west wing. Susie was in the lead and dragging Sam.
“Where are we going?” Sam said, a little peeved.
“Just wait.” Susie said, looking around. She led him outside and right to Josh’s window.
“WE ARE GOING TO SPY??!!” Sam said loudly.
“I prefer not to call in ‘spy’.” Susie said, looking at Sam.
“What do you call it then?” Sam said, standing up, and then Susie quickly pulled him
“Observing.” Susie said, with a self-approving nod.
“Okay, but we can’t see anything anyway.” Sam said, standing on his tippy-toes.
“Let’s move over there.” Susie said, pointing. They were both in the bushes and it was at
night so they couldn’t see very far ahead of them. Susie was walking and trying to look
ahead of her, with no luck. The problem was that every five minutes Sam would step on
the back of her heel and she would have to turn around. One of the times he stepped on
her heel she stood straight up and shot him a look, but when she turned around she was
face to face with another person. A HUGE person. Susie let out a scream.
“AHHHH!!” Susie shouted with a look of desperation on her face. Sam soon followed
with a scream of his own. Then the other large “observer” screamed. So the three of
them stood in the bushes, out side of the deputy cheif of staff’s office, screaming. Susie
eventually stopped to see who the mystery person was.
“Stop! Sam stop!” She commanded. Sam soon stopped screaming.
“CJ?” Susie asked to the dark figure.
“Susie? Sam?” CJ asked, stepping forward.
“What are you doing out here?” All three of them said in unison.
“We were bored.” Susie said, plainly.
“I had to get away from Danny, and this seemed interesting.” CJ said, they soon started
laughing, but were interupted.
“FREEZE!” A secret service agent yelled at the shrubbery.
“Oh, man. We are SO busted.” Susie said, looking at CJ. The three “observers” climbed
out of the bushes and were taken in to the White House.
“You don’t understand, we WORK here.” Sam said, as the secret service agents
handcuffed the trio. Ten minutes later they were all sent to Leo’s office. Susie was really
worried and looked over at CJ to give a little silent ‘help’, but when she looked over she
saw a big piece of shrub stuck in her hair, and had to try really hard NOT to laugh.
“What am I going to do with you?? Huh? You work in the White House people! Just
what the hell were you doing out there?” Leo said, getting more and more upset.
“Well...” Sam started off, Susie knew she had to interrupt him before he began.
“Well, Sam and I decided to go outside for a little walk. You know, for a break.” Susie
said, looking at Sam.
“Yes.” Sam replied.
“And what about CJ?” Leo said, looking at Susie.
“I was, um, out there because I thought I lost something.” CJ said, quickly.
“You thought you lost something in the bushes?” Leo said.
“The wind.” Susie said, shrugging.
“Yes, the wind, blew it away, and I lost it.” CJ said, trying to regain composure. Leo
eyed them for a few minutes.
“What was all the screaming for?” Leo said, looking directly at Sam. ‘Smart man,’ Susie
thought, ‘goin for our weakest link.’
“We were so happy we found it, we started screaming.” CJ replied.
“Just what were you looking for, Sam?” Leo said, Susie knew this was our final test.
“A pen.” Sam said.
“A pen was blown away?” Leo replied, looking at Sam.
‘DAMN!’ Susie and CJ thought.
“Well, at first we were looking for the bill on gun control. Page 13 to be specific. CJ
thought she lost it, so we all helped. We soon found it, but then she realized that she lost
the pen her grandmother gave her on her death bed. As you can imagine, she wanted it
back desperately. So we searched, and when I found it, CJ screamed with delight and
Susie and myself soon followed.” Sam said, with a poker face. Unconsciencely, CJ and
Susie let out loud sighs. Leo then turned his attention to them.
“That is what happened?” Leo asked.
“Obviously.” Susie said.
“Yes.” CJ replied.
“Okay, get out of my office. And I don’t want to see you in here again, and I mean it.”
He said sturnly as the three of them scooted out of there. Once out side, Susie turned to
“Way to go, Sam! Man, that was good. I thougth we were screwed.” She said, sitting.
“Thank you very much.” Sam said, putting his hands on his hips.
“So, you were out there spying on Josh and Donna, weren’t you?” Susie said, smirking at
“Oh, ya.” CJ said, shooting them both a smile.
“And were they...” Sam asked, politely.
“Oh, ya.” CJ said, laughing.


Only The Tip Of The Iceburg - 13



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