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SPOILER: somebody joined the gang at the west wing and it just might do the trick in helping people get together.

"Only The Tip Of The Iceburg." p2/?

The next couple weeks had gone by really smoothly. The President had been gaining in
numbers even before Susie had joined in, and they continued to climb. Susie had been
working with Josh a lot and lately Toby had been using her serivices. That was an
unfortunate pairing, and by the third day, everyone knew that when Susie and Toby were
working, it was best not to interrupt or you would have your head ripped off. The trouble
was that Toby and Susie were very alike, only Susie was a tad more likable, and that
annoyed Toby. When they worked together it produced some really amazing things,
which only made them work together more. Otherwise, everybody loved her. If she
wasn’t arguing with Toby, working with Josh, or talking to CJ and Sam, she would be
with the secretaries, just gossiping. That won her big points around the office. Today
was Tuesday and Susie and Toby had been working for a couple of days to get this speech
done and a few odds and ends that the President had assigned to them. The President
took pleasure in seeing them debate, so anything that required two people usually went to
Toby and Susie. They had been in Toby’s office for 3 hours and nobody ventured in.
“How can you have an opinion on everything, but are never wrong?” Susie said
“I don’t know, divine providence?” Toby said typing.
“Blind Stupidity.” Susie said under her breath.
“What?” Toby said looking up.
“Wha? Huh?” Susie said playing the innocent card.
“Okay, right.” Toby said smirking.
“What are you doing? We haven’t agreed on anything!” Susie said, noticing that Toby
was writing more than he should be.
“WE don’t need to agree on anything. I am your boss, you do as I say, and I have the
right to ignore you.” Toby said still typing.
“Sorry your holyness. If you want I can get on bended knee and kiss your hand when I
enter.” Susie replied.
“Aurgh! Why do you have to be so sarcastic all the time!?” Toby said, as he stopped
typing and slammed his fist on his desk.
“I don’t know.” Susie said as sarcastic as she could be. At that point Toby began rubbing
his forehead vigorisly.
“Didn’t your mother ever teach you to respect your elders?” Toby said as he was still
rubbing his head and then made eye contact at the end of his sentence.
“Oh, so you admit that your an elder? Good for you Toby! The first step is admitting,
now the road to recovery!” Susie said as she stood up and spread her arms out.
“Ahh!!! You make my brain want to explode!” Toby said as he stood up.
“Ditto!” Susie said, as she was interrupted by a knock at the door. They both turned to
look at the door. After a few minutes, Toby responded.
“COME IN!” Sam’s head poped in and he said.
“I just came in here to get my briefcase.”
“Fine Sam! Here it is, well, come and get it!” Toby said rather harshly.
“I’m outta here!” Susie said as she began to walk out and hit Sam’s shoulder which sent
him back.
“Where are you going? We aren’t done here!” Toby said.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be back in 30 minutes, that is about the time where I will calm down
and not want to kill you.” Susie said as she held the door.
“Well, in that case you better take 45 minutes, I need an extra 15 minutes.” Toby said
with a smirk
“Oh, because of the ol’ heart. Sure, no problem Gramp’s. See you in 45 minutes.” With
that she blew Toby an air kiss.
“See ya Sam.” And then Susie was out the door.
“Bye.” Sam replied as the door was already closed and Susie was gone.
“Geez!” Sam said as he turned to Toby.
“Shut up, Sam.” Toby replied.


“Hey.” Susie said as she approached Donna who was typing at her desk.
“Oh, hey. So your not dead yet?” Donna said as she turned to face her friend.
“What, oh no, not yet.” Susie said as she began to smile.
“I’m surprised! I could hear you two yelling all the way down here.” Donna said as she
began typing again.
“Really? Wow, I didn’t know we were that loud. Sorry.” Susie said as she sat down in
the vacant seat opposite form Donna.
“Oh, it’s okay. You had some of the secretaries laughing at some of your comments to
Toby. I’m still laughing about the ‘brain tumor’ thing from a week ago.” Donna said as
she began to chuckle.
“Ya, it’s my personal favorite too.” Susie said as she turned her head to see Josh come
out of his office and to Donna’s desk.
“Donna? Do you have those files I asked for?” Josh said, exhausted.
“Ya, hold on.” She said as she bent down to pull at one of her drawers. Then Josh turned
to Susie and she waved.
“Hey, the war over yet?” Josh said sarcastically.
“Oh, no. It’s just intermission.” Susie said with a smirk.
“Donna! What are you doing? You’ve been looking for that file for hours. I’m a busy
man.” Josh said as he turned his attention to his assistant.
“Sorry, Josh. I got lost.” She said sarcastically as she slapped him with the file. As he
took the file from Donna he made eye contact with Susie who pointed at him, then at her
heart, and then at Donna and mouthed the words, ‘You love her.’ With that Josh’s eyes
“Shut up!” Shouted Josh, which caused everyone in hearing distance to jump, including
“Josh! Why are you shouting, and who are you talking to?” Donna said annoyed, and
with a look of frustration on her face.
“Ya, Josh. Why are you shouting?” Susie said innocently and with a devilish grin that
was only visible to Josh.
“Whoa, you didn’t see that?” Josh said as he pointed at Susie.
“See what?” Donna said looking at Susie who shrugged her shoulders.
“Nevermind, I guess.” Josh said as he turned to leave. Just before he was out of sight
Susie made another comment and a some hand motions which caused Josh to lash out
once again.
“STOP IT!” Josh said looking at Susie.
“Josh, stop yelling!” Donna said looking at him with defeat.
“Sorry, Donna. Susie, come, now!” Josh said as he grabbed Susie’s arm, and Donna
gave her a sympathetic look.
“I’m coming, but what did I do.” Susie said as she was pushed into Josh’s office. Once
inside, Josh began to let loose.
“What is with you?” He said with a hint of confusion in his voice.
“I like to see you squirm.” Susie said with a smile from ear to ear.
“That’s sick.” He said as he made direct eye contact with her.
“Why can’t you admit that you love her and you want to marry her and live the rest of
your lives together and have a bunch of babies.” Susie said, very cooly.
“What?” Josh said, lost, since ‘love her’ was said.
“You heard me.” Susie said, very relaxed in her chair.
“Babies?” Josh said, still trying to process the information.
“So, how’s it goin with your imaginary girlfriend.” Susie said, switching the topic.
“Rest of our lives? What?” Josh said still confused as he looked up at Susie, just then,
Toby came in.
“Hey, you, heart-attack-waiting-to-happen, we have to finish.” Toby said, as he stuck his
head into the door.
“Sure. You know, for a fossil, you get around pretty well.” Susie said as she passed
Toby in the doorway.
“Josh, you okay?” Toby said, with a bit of interest.
“Babies?” Josh said as he looked at Toby.
“Okay.” And with that Toby left Josh’s office, and Josh, who was still standing and
mumbling to himself.


Only The Tip Of The Iceburg - 3



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