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SPOILER: a new person joins the gang at the west wing and stirs up some feelings, but in a good way.

"Only The Tip Of The Iceburg" 4/?

It was the end of Susie’s first month and it was like she had been there since the beginning.
She knew all of the secrets and was on the inside track of almost everything that went on
in the West Wing. CJ always made it a point to see Susie at least once during the day to
see if anything was new, since Susie had, more than once, surprised CJ with information.
It wasn’t hard for CJ to get a hold of Susie since they usually ate lunch together.
“Hey, Suz!” CJ called from behind her in the hall.
“Ya, what’s up CJ?” Susie said as she turned to greet the tall woman.
“Have you heard a rumor about Toby saying that he was a member of the cult, Heaven’s
Gate, but got out just before they killed themselves?” CJ said, trying to remember the
“Ha, ha, ha. Actually, ya.” Susie said, smiling.
“Really? How?” CJ asked.
“Well, um..I kinda started it.” Susie said, still smiling.
“What?” CJ said, as she stopped to face Susie.
“Well, what happened was Toby yelled at me in front of a bunch of people, so I started the
rumor.” Susie said, shrugging.
“Wait, let me get this straight. Toby yelled at you, you made up a rumor, it went around,
and eventually got back to me, all to get Toby embarrassed?” CJ said, trying to
“Um..ya.” Susie said.
“That has to be the best thing I have ever heard in my life.” CJ said, smiling.
“I know.” Susie replied as they both began laughing. And with that they both turned and
went their separate ways until Susie called CJ back.
“Hey, CJ, wait!” Susie called down the hall.
“Ya.” CJ replied.
“Um..just a little heads-up about another rumor about Leo being in the circus before
getting into politics.” Susie said, with a devilish grin.
“The circus? Doing what?” CJ said, interested.
“Now, that’s the surprise.” Susie said, as she lightly punched CJ’s arm, and CJ began to
shake her head.


“Yo, Tobs!” Susie called.
“Ya.” Toby replied as he stood in the hall with Sam.
“Okay, I talked to Senator Rajaomto, whatever, and he said he’s not going to budge.
Then I told him that it was okay, because he is going to have more trouble with his wife
after I tell her about the little conference he had with that woman a week ago.” Susie said
with a smirk.
“Really? That worked?” Toby said, impressed.
“Ya, I guess so. He said he is going to ‘rethink’ his position. What a weenie.” Susie said,
shaking her head.
“What, so you followed him?” Sam asked confused.
“No.” Susie said, shrugging
“Then how did you know about the other woman?” Sam continued.
“I didn’t.” Susie said plainly.
“What?” Sam asked.
“I just guessed, pretty cool, huh?” Susie said with a smile.
“Ya.” Sam said, smiling.
“Hey, Toby, tonight, 7 right?” Susie said, walking away.
“No, 7:30.” Toby replied.
“K, see you then.” And with that Susie was off.
“What’s at 7:30?” Sam asked, confused.
“A pick-up game.” Toby said as he looked down at some papers he was holding.
“Basketball?” Sam asked.
“Yes.” Toby replied.
“Your playing basketball with her?” Sam asked again.
“Ya, Sam, why?” Toby said looking at him.
“Oh, no reason.” Sam answered.
“Let’s get back to work.” Toby commanded.
“Okay.” Sam replied.


After four hours in the oval office with the President, Josh got worried about
Susie. It was her first time with him, and he remembered his first time and how he wanted
to poke his own eyes out by the first hour, so he had right to be worried. A few minutes
later he saw Susie emerge from the oval office and decided to check on her and remove all
sharp objects from her grasp if need be.
“Hey, you okay?” Josh said as he put his hand on her shoulder.
“Ya, why?” Susie said, in perfect composure.
“Because the President has a way of making you sorry you ever were born in this country,
and born at all, really.” Josh said, making eye contact with Susie.
“Oh, I’m okay. I really don’t mind, I find him facinating.” Susie said, looking back at
“What?” Josh said, stunned.
“Ya, I look at it this way, if I am ever on a game show and there is a question about the
origin of tuperwear, I am sooo prepared.” Susie said with a smile.
“Good point.” Josh answered, smiling.
“So, Josh have you bought the engagement ring yet?” Susie said, looking at Josh in the
“What engagement ring?” Josh said, scared.
“The engagement ring that you are going to propose to Donna with!” Susie said, with her
mouth open.
“Man, I am done arguing with you.” Josh said, rolling his eyes.
“So, you admit that you love her.” Susie said, smiling.
“No, I’m just done arguing with you.” Josh replied.
“Oh, sure, take the high road.” Susie said sarcastically.
“That is right.” Josh said smiling.
“Well, then I am going to tell Donna that you love her.” Susie said as she was beginning
to walk away and that caused Josh to snap out of his smugness and leap to stop Susie,
which caused him to trip and fall.
“Whoa, cowboy, you okay?” Susie said, half laughing.
“Ya, just don’t say any of this to Donna, okay.” Josh said sincerly.
“Why not?” Susie said, concerned, by the look on Josh’s face.
“Just because.” He said, trying not to look so desperate.
“I don’t know if I can.” Susie said, shrugging. Josh noticed she did that a lot.
“Please.” Josh said, back to sincere.
“Only if you admit that you love her.” Susie said as she crossed her arms and turned
“Fine. I love her.” Josh said reluctantly.
“Who?” Susie said, as she turned around.
“Donna.” Josh said, as he closed his eyes and dropped his head.
“YES!! Whoa! Whoo. I rule sooo much. Ha, ha, ha.” Susie said as she did a little
dance, right there in between two desks, which caused Josh to blush.
“Okay, okay. So, you won’t say anything?” Josh asked.
“Ya, I won’t say anything. Don’t worry.” Susie said as she turned to leave. Josh let out
a sigh of relief but what he didn’t know was that someone else was listening and even if
she wanted to, Susie wouldn’t have had a chance to tell Donna.


Only The Tip Of The Iceburg - 5



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